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Staff Self-Rostering App

Streamline workforce planning tasks anywhere, anytime with Totalmobile’s staff self-rostering app. Revolutionise your shift planning and elevate staff management to:

Enhance job satisfaction and engagement with staff who are actively involved in shaping their work schedules.

Improve workforce planning with real-time visibility into staff availability, leave and shift preferences.

Lower operational costs by efficiently managing in-house staff.
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Compliant Shift Pattern Design


Years Of Shift Work Expertise

60 %

Increase In Rostering Efficiency

Everyday, thousands of workers are rostered through our software

Comprehensive Workforce Rostering Software

rostering app self service anywhere

Roster Anywhere, Anytime

Effortlessly create, modify, and publish rosters from your desktop, iOS, or Android device. Gain full visibility of rosters, empowering managers to publish available shifts directly to staff. Push notifications keep staff informed of available or requested shifts. In an instant, staff can view, confirm, or amend requests shifts—reducing the administrative hassle of chasing down employees.


Our self-service portal is a centralised hub for staff to access assigned shifts, manage absences, and even swap shifts with colleagues—all in one place. Staff can claim and construct their own rosters within preset parameters. With this in place, your staff can shape their own work schedules, resulting in increased job satisfaction and organisational efficiency.

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Advanced Absence Management

Simplify leave approvals and absence management. Our self-service portal empowers staff to proactively manage upcoming absences, making the process straightforward and efficient. With intuitive tools at their fingertips, employees can easily apply for leave, streamlining absence management to save time and reduce admin.


Streamline the recording of working hours through mobile timesheets to centralise data and reduce paperwork. The self-service portal allows staff to complete timesheets, submit overtime claims or leave comments if they have started a shift late. The app integrates with key back-office processes, including payroll and time management. This integration ensures a smooth flow of information across critical functions, boosting productivity and accuracy.

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Complete Roster Visibility

The self-service portal offers a comprehensive view of rosters (where permitted). This grants managers and employees access to team schedules, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding shifts and capacity planning, driving engagement and cohesion.


Our mobile integration ensures that recording working hours is a seamless process. Everything can be completed in a few clicks, providing your employees with the autonomy they need to balance work and life seamlessly while reducing administrative burden for your managers.

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Reduced overtime by 34%

“They have allowed us to provide our highly valued workforce with more certainty around working hours and additional flexibility to meet their work-life balance needs."

Andrew HopkinsDirector of Operations, Wales & West Utilities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a staff self-rostering app?

A staff self-rostering app empowers employees to access and manage their work schedules directly. The app comes equipped with various features, including:

  • View assigned shifts
  • Request leave and manage absences
  • Swap shifts with colleagues (subject to approval)
  • Access the full roster for improved visibility
  • Complete timesheets and submit overtime claims (depending on app features)

What are the benefits of using a staff self-rostering app?

  • Increased job satisfaction and engagement: Employees experience greater job satisfaction as they gain control over their schedules, leading to improved morale and overall engagement.
  • Improved workforce planning: Real-time access to staff availability, leave requests, and preferences enables more strategic workforce planning and resource allocation.
  • Reduced operational costs: Efficient management of in-house staff and streamlined processes contribute to minimising scheduling-related expenses.

Is the staff self-rostering app available on mobile devices?

Yes, the app is available for both iOS and Android devices, providing employees with on-the-go access and convenient schedule management capabilities.

Who benefits from using the staff self-rostering app?

Employees: Gain greater control over their work schedules, leading to improved work-life balance and job satisfaction.

Managers: Spend less time on manual scheduling tasks and benefit from improved staff engagement, resulting in a more efficient and content workforce.

What is workforce rostering?

Workforce rostering is the systematic process of creating and managing staff schedules to ensure that the right individuals are assigned to the right shifts at the right times. This process enhances operational efficiency by optimising staffing levels, aligning workforce skills with business needs, and maintaining compliance with labour regulations.

What role does workforce rostering play in controlling operational costs

By optimising staff scheduling and reducing administrative time, workforce rostering helps control operational costs. The software ensures that staffing levels align with demand, minimising issues associated with overstaffing or understaffing. This proactive approach contributes to cost savings and improved overall operational efficiency.