Stolthaven Dagenham is a bulk liquid storage terminal located on the River Thames, 15 miles from Central London. The site has 113 tanks which can store 162,884m3 of hazardous products imported by marine vessel.

Changing shift patterns was part of a modernisation programme designed to maximise efficiency, flexibility and resilience, whilst limiting fatigue risk and supporting employee work-life balance. Manning requirements at Stolthaven Dagenham can change at short notice due to weather, pilot availability or customer expectations and there was an increasing need for weekend working.

Our consultants used their workforce rostering software and a proven approach to employee engagement to deliver options which factored in forecast demand, operational factors and employee preferences.


  • Providing shift patterns with exactly the right capacity without fatigue risk or unnecessary costs
  • Quickly designing demand-led shift patterns that give management and employees more flexibility and certainty, whilst improving processes and efficiencies
  • Giving employees the opportunity to co-design their shift patterns and buy-in to the process
  • Providing a framework that will support Stolthaven Dagenham as they adapt and improve shift work in response to changing demand and employee needs
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