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Introducing our

Shift Pattern Professional Services

Our experts will help you change shift patterns and adopt best practice shift planning and workforce rostering.

Harness the experience of a team of consultants with diverse industry backgrounds spanning senior HR and operations roles.

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Shift Pattern Design Guide

pattern design and shift planning

“Changing to demand-led shift patterns was a key element in the strategy to restructure vital services for our vulnerable customers. The options developed with Totalmobile ensured we could reduce complexity, increase efficiencies and support employee well-being.
The insight provided by Totalmobile was crucial to effective demand planning and quickly delivering a range of optimised shift patterns for our employees to consider.”

Julie RileyHead of Older People Services, Bolton at Home

Shift Pattern Design

Finding the best shift patterns for your organisation and employees can be a real challenge.

Work collaboratively with our shift work consultants to benefit from their deep shift planning and workforce management subject matter expertise and industry experience.

  • Optimise: Create solutions that positively impact productivity, costs and employee well-being.
  • Balance: Design shift patterns that meet the needs of your organisation and employees.
  • Experiment: Appraise options and create innovative solutions using powerful software.

Our team of shift planning consultants have the know-how and experience to work with you and your employees to quickly design and implement the best shift patterns.

Custom Solutions:
Design flexible shift patterns that meet your specific operational needs.
Employee Co-design:
Collaborate with your workforce so shift patterns reflect preferences.
Innovative Approaches:
Ensure shift patterns support recruitment and retention strategies.
Pattern Bank:
Model potential scenarios and create shift patterns tailored to circumstances.

These Shift Pattern Design professional services are complemented by our Organise shift pattern design and rostering software. It provides unique shift pattern optimisation algorithms and interactive tools that will allow you to design custom shift patterns and collaborate with employees.

Demand and Capacity Planning

It’s all in the data. The key to maximising productivity and efficiency is aligning your shift patterns, rotas and rosters to fluctuating demand and employee availability.

Our shift planning consultants will help you create an accurate demand and capacity model and a precise forecast of staffing requirements.

  • Identify inefficiencies: Save money and improve productivity by addressing issues.
  • Optimise resources: Avoid potential capacity gaps, overworking and unnecessary overtime.
  • Increase flexibility: Ensure shift patterns respond to variations in demand and capacity.

Our Demand and Capacity Planning services support optimised shift working and can be used to implement new workforce management models such as Demand-led Rostering and Annualised Hours.

Data Compilation:
Source and overlay diverse data points from across your organisation.
Data Analysis:
Identify demand, cover and throughput requirements.
Expert Insight:
Address issues around productivity, absence and overtime costs.
Map variability and volatility 24/7/365 to create accurate forecasts.

These Demand and Capacity Planning professional services are complemented by our Organise shift pattern design and rostering software. It provides demand and capacity planning tools that ensure your staffing levels are always optimised.

“I’d recommend Totalmobile's best practice approach as it gives employees the opportunity to co-design their shift pattens and buy-in to the process. It also provides a framework that will support us as we adapt and improve shift work in response to changing demand and employee needs.”

Rob PeacockSafety, Health Environment and Quality Assurance Manager at Stolthaven Dagenham

“Aligning shift patterns to demand is key to providing the best care to patients and supporting our front-line colleagues’ health and well-being.
With Totalmobile’s support we can be more flexible, ensuring rosters continuously adapt in line with change.
Their team’s professional and personable approach ensured we were able to deliver our roster review quickly and has embedded software and processes that will support us over the long term.”

Vicky CourtDeputy Chief Operating Officer at North East Ambulance Service

Demand-Led Rostering and Annualised Hours systems

Time to make a change? We can help you design and implement a modern shift work system proven to deliver huge benefits for organisations and employees.

Our highly experienced shift planning consultants will take an objective, methodical approach, using best practice project management techniques to ensure you get Demand-Led Rostering and Annualised Hours right first time.

  • Reduce risk: Rely on experts who have implemented hundreds of annualised hours systems.
  • Speed up adoption: Realise the benefits quicker by harnessing a proven methodology.
  • Maintain performance: Adopt approaches which ensure shift work remains optimised.

Totalmobile consultants are qualified in project management and have an unparalleled track record delivering successful Demand-Led Rostering and Annualised Hours systems.

Collaborate with consultants who have a broad and diverse base of experience.
Adopt a rigorous, robust approach based on PRINCE2 project methodologies.
Tailored approach:
Create a resourcing system customised to your precise needs.
Use unique algorithms and interactive tools to identify optimal solutions.

Employee and trade union engagement and communications

Changing shift patterns can be a challenging and emotive subject.

Our employee engagement and communications consultants will ensure your employees and unions are fully involved in the shift planning and workforce management process.

  • Build trust: Be transparent and provide direct employee input into the change process.
  • Improve outcomes: Follow a proven best practice approach to engagement and co-design.
  • Accelerate adoption: Speed up the design and implementation of new shift patterns.

When changing shift patterns our employee engagement and communications consultants act as independent advisors, providing impartial advice and best practice recommendations to management, unions and employees.

Expert insight:
Harness shared learnings and evidence the need for change.
Best practice:
Develop frameworks that support transparency, collaboration and fairness.
Facilitate employees to express their preferences and shape new shift patterns.
Build awareness, understanding and encourage employee engagement.

“Totalmobile is a key partner that’s helping us maintain a highly flexible, productive and efficient workforce. They support us across numerous operational areas from compliance monitoring to tactical and strategic planning.

They have allowed us to provide our highly-valued workforce with more certainty around working hours and additional flexibility to meet their work-life balance needs, while making sure our labour supply and demand is completely aligned and we can reduce unnecessary labour costs.

Totalmobile's insight, technology and high service levels has helped us improve our working practices, which has a significant positive impact on the benefits we can deliver for our customers as well as our financial performance.”

Andrew HopkinsDirector of Operations, Wales & West Utilities

“Resourcing lies at the heart of many strategic issues ambulance trusts face. We needed a creative approach to reviewing rosters that could achieve buy-in across SWASFT and put us in a strong position to continue adapting our organisation in line with changing demand.

Totalmobile was central to the success of the roster review. They worked seamlessly with our HR and Operations teams, providing the software tools and knowledge we need to optimise our rosters now and in the future.”

Neil Le ChevalierDirector of Operations at South Western Ambulance Service Foundation Trust (SWASFT)

Consultation, shift work health checks and training

Access your own shift work expert whenever you need them. Ensure you have the knowledge to keep your shift patterns, rosters and rotas optimised.

As the leading UK authority on shift work, our expert consultants can provide you with valuable insight, guidance, and support.

  • Optimise: Establish regular monitoring, reviews and fine-tuning of shift patterns and rosters.
  • Stay compliant: Keep ahead of changing regulations, policies & standards.
  • Continuous improvement: Adopt best practice in shift planning and workforce management.

Our consultants will ensure your shift planning, rostering and workforce management systems anticipate and respond to change.

Data analysis:
Review key demand, capacity and rota information to maintain optimisation.
Health checks:
Regularly appraise shift working practices to identify risks and opportunities.
Embed best practice through courses suitable for all levels of management.
Secure quick tweaks to existing patterns or develop scenario-based contingencies.