In this eBook we explore transforming shift work services, saving money, improving productivity & supporting wellbeing. Many organisations with shift workers experience significant volatility in demand and capacity. Peaks and troughs in demand place strains on organisations trying to meet targets whilst balancing costs, employee well-being.

From our work, it’s clear that there’s significant gains to be made by adopting best practice shift work planning and management approaches and systems.


  • Volatile times – Why shift work planning, & management is key
  • A Model Approach – Demand-Led Rostering
  • Better by Design – Exploring shift work options & best practice
  • Following Best Practice – The key to unlocking the full benefits of Demand-Led Rostering is to ensure the system is designed and managed with best practice in mind.
  • Enhanced Management – Maintaining ways of working
  • Fatigue & Risk – Looking after your most important asset