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Telco Solution

Delivering a fully integrated field service management platform for Telcos

Streamline operations and enhance operational efficiencies

Build infrastructure that is optimised for maximum field service performance

Deliver compliance across all service delivery

Support employee health & well-being
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95% +

job completion rates


increase in tasks carried out per day


reduction in staff attrition

Thousands of field engineers are automatically scheduled each day with Totalmobile’s Telco solution.

Better Manage Planning of Work

Real-time Dynamic Scheduling

From Planners and Schedulers spending unnecessary hours manually scheduling build and repair works and ensuring the right field service engineer is at the right place at the right time, to the FTTP engineers spending too much time manually working out the most efficient way to do their jobs on site, Totalmobile provide a scheduling solution that provides:

  • Efficient allocation of resource
  • Seamlessly achieve complex scheduling goals
  • Considers time, location, availability of skills & service levels
  • Detects threats and reacts in real-time
  • A complete end to end view of service delivery

Better Manage Demand

Agile Job Management

No two days are the same, and all best laid plans never foresee the stress and panic when in-day change occurs. This can be anything from unforeseen sickness or absence from your field engineers to demand driven by emergency or customer escalation. We enable organisations to better manage the demand placed on their services with a complete job management solution.

This puts your planning management in control of all work that is required and when it is required by and exactly what is required to complete the job.


Bringing Field Service Automation to FTTP Delivery

Totalmobile’s solution will be massively beneficial to our planning, back office and field teams and will support the engineers in their day-to-day roles. This will not only optimise the efficiency of engineer route it will help reduce travel and fuel consumption…...”

Kate AllenService Delivery Director at MJ Quinn

Better Manage People

Optimising Shift Management for Efficiency and Well-being

Manually processing shift patterns and rosters for field service engineers is inefficient. Totalmobile offers a shift planning optimisation service that helps you effectively respond to both planned and unplanned demand. Our service enables efficient shift design, self-service shift bids, and swaps, reducing stress and enhancing well-being and morale.

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Understanding Employee Performance

Enhancing Visibility and Rewarding Excellence

Lack of visibility into employee performance and the inability to reward top performers can create frustration and inefficiencies.

Totalmobile’s field service intelligence solution provides real-time insights into field service operations. It monitors employee performance, ensures alignment with plans, and identifies instances of over or underperformance, even during unexpected schedule changes.


Anchored Through Our Platform Capabilities

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Real-time Dynamic Scheduling

With automated workforce scheduling, Totalmobile helps Telco providers a better way to allocate resources to meet service demands. It ensures the most efficient distribution of staff to achieve complex scheduling goals and the adaptability to allow for rapid response to required changes during the day.

Real-time Dynamic Scheduling

Work Order Management

Totalmobile offers a work management solution that centralises all maintenance activities and work orders, whether reactive or planned, customer-initiated or provider-driven. The seamless integration of front-office, field team, and back-office functions, including compliance and asset management, ensures that all vital information is centralised and easily accessible.

Work Order Management

Field Service Intelligence

Totalmobile’s comprehensive field service intelligence solution equips Telco providers with a complete understanding of past, present, and future service delivery. This ensures that critical information is available at the right time, empowering operations management to make effective decisions, enhance field service performance, and drive actual operational value.

Field Service Intelligence

Measuring Employee Performance

By harnessing the power of data analytics and performance metrics, Totalmobile helps Telco providers identify areas for improvement, optimise resource allocation, and continually refine their service delivery strategies to serve their customers better.

Measuring Employee Performance

Implementing the Totalmobile Solution has indeed had a significant impact on our operations.

It has streamlined our scheduling and resource allocation processes, allowing us to complete more jobs within the same time frame. The improved job completion rate has translated into faster service delivery, reduced customer downtime, and a more productive workforce”.

Jason ChandlerSenior Operations Director, Kelly Group

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Thousands of field engineers are scheduled each day with Totalmobile’s Telco solutions

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