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Field Service Intelligence

Employee Performance Insight (EPI)

Employee Performance Insight (EPI) highlights individual contributions and identifies areas for growth

EPI transforms workforce performance analysis by spotlighting individual contributions and growth opportunities. By ensuring a consistent flow of performance-related information between service providers and operatives, organisations enhance their intelligence of field service and can take timely action to ensure service quality and consistency.

  • Highlights Individual Contributions to Organisational Performance
  • Facilitates Real-Time Feedback from Employees and Customers
  • Promotes Consistent Information Flow for Service Quality Assurance
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Enhance Service Consistency

Ensure the delivery of predictable and quality services by reducing variance of performance.

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Improve Employee Engagement

Effectively share objectives while rewarding high performance and providing appropriate support.

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Achieve Continuous Improvement

Identify areas of improvement and quantify the impact of optimising changes to service delivery.

Employee Performance Insight (EPI)

By capturing information across the entirety of the service delivery process, organisations can harness data to truly understand employee performance. This highlights leading contributions and identifies challenges impacting service effectiveness.

Real-Time Performance Metrics

Worker performance is measured across various criteria, including utilisation, productivity, compliance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. This information can then be viewed in real time, relating to the current shift, or monitored over a period of time to assess developments in the delivery and consistency of service.

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Worker App

Deployed to field-based operatives, the worker app provides employees with an easy-to-use mobile solution that enables them to access all objectives and expectations aligned to their shift. As the day progresses, operatives can review their performance to ensure they are meeting standards and take action as appropriate.

Feedback and Experience Capture

To truly understand service delivery, capturing the views of your employees is key. The worker app provides the opportunity for operatives to log their feedback and experiences, along with those of the customer, to ensure a complete picture of service is formed.

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Executive Summary

Providing a high-level insight into the core areas relating to service, senior leaders can view trends and improvements in performance across areas such as compliance, customer satisfaction, and quality. Importantly, they can also view quantifiable metrics that highlight the ROI provided by service improvements.

Continuous Improvement

Enabling a culture of continuous improvements, executives are also presented with areas that are primed to be improved upon.

Opportunity Impact Assessment

Executives receive an impact assessment of each opportunity to clearly demonstrate the value of optimisation.

Strategic Decision Support

By presenting a comprehensive analysis of service operations, it allows executives to identify long-term strategic opportunities and make decisions that align with the organisation’s overarching goals.

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Worker Scorecard

Employee Performance Insight enables supervisors to access a detailed insight into an employee’s performance throughout a shift and review how they compare to defined objectives.

Proactive Performance Management

Measuring various metrics relating to the quality of service delivery empowers supervisors with a view of areas of high and low performance. This enables a proactive approach, ensuring standards are achieved, and a high quality and consistent level of service is maintained.

Employee Performance Insight (EPI)

Worker League Table

Offering a complete view of performance across all employees within the workforce, service leaders can review the distribution of performance that enables them to measure both levels of service quality and predictability. This can be done by overall service score or across specific areas of service performance.

Time Comparison and Benchmarking

With time comparison and benchmarking capabilities, users can view developments in service across different areas of the workforce and review over a single shift, or a longer period of time.

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