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Fife Council Case Study

Fife Council is the 3rd largest local authority within Scotland, delivering a full range of local government services to a population of approximately 366,000. With reducing budgets, Fife Council was tasked with saving £100m by 2017. Not only have Fife Council exceeded their initial target of saving £20m with Totalmobile – they’re also generating a productivity increase of more than 15%, meaning staff get more jobs done.

To achieve these benefits, Fife Council embarked on their own mobile working journey; it was first rolled out to Building Services where it quickly transformed their working processes by eliminating paperwork, replacing it with mobile devices which could seamlessly update back-office systems automatically with information captured in the field.

Fife Council continue to roll out the mobile working solutions to their Housing, Parks and Open Spaces teams and have future plans to continue throughout the organisation. The mobile working solution provides all field staff with the opportunity to access and record information on their mobile device. They can enjoy greater visibility of the day ahead – reducing unnecessary travel. Forms are completed with a few clicks, images taken and signatures captured, these are just some of the features that improve compliance.

Together with Totalmobile, Fife Council continue to transform their services through mobile working technology.


Customer Thoughts

“After the successful roll out within Building Services, Fife Council were keen to get the solution implemented into other services as quick as possible, so they could experience the benefits Council wide.” – Allan Barclay, Team Leader, Building Services

“We’re providing a more effective and efficient service for the customer.” – Jill Pritchard, Business Change Manager

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