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Commercial Field Service

Delivering field service workforce management and operational intelligence to enhance performance

We provide real-time automation solutions for field-based services across a range of sectors including IT Services, Telecoms,  Fire & Security, Retail, Logistics & Transport. Our solutions enhance both the past, present and future operational performance of your workforce & protection of employee well-being.

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Fire & Security

Retail Logistics

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A complete field service intelligence solution, that enables organisations to gain a full understanding of past, present and future service delivery

Whether you have a workforce of engineers performing highly technical based repairs or upgrades across multiple sites or run a fleet of private commercial field service staff… . they will all need to be scheduled to ensure optimised route planning, correct skill set and if possible spare parts on the van.

Our Platform

Capabilities & Features

Field Service Analytics

A complete operational intelligence solution that provides users with an unprecedented overview of service delivery, as it unfolds, while highlighting areas requiring attention in order to ensure service quality is maintained. 

Real-Time Ops Analytics

Managers are provided with a live view of all aspects of ongoing service delivery with potential risks clearly identified.

Historical Operations Analysis

Assess a comprehensive range of reports that provide an overview of past operational and employee performance.  

Virtual Coach

Embraces historical data and machine learning to provide guidance on actions that will improve future service delivery.

Work Order Management

Providing organisations with full visibility of their field staff, enabling effective communication processes, reducing administration and travel time and streamlines how work is assigned, tracked, resolved and reported.

Sub-Contractor Management

Users are provided with a solution that enables them to have tight control over all areas relating to the efficient delivery of service.

Remote Assistance

Video based diagnostic solution that enhances the standard of remote support services delivered to your customers, while reducing the number of unnecessary site visits.

Stock / Asset Management

Organisation’s have an increased visibility of the current situation of work, their field teams, assets, materials and costs.

Mobile Working

A mobile workforce management solution that empowers the mobile workforce to easily receive and record information relating to the job via their mobile device, while sharing job updates in real time. 

Workforce Data Capture

Record all relevant job information, including photos, health and safety form and client signatures, via a mobile device at the point of service delivery.

Workflow Management

Guide staff through a series of pre-approved workflow and status updates to ensure services are delivered in a compliant and consistent manner.

Visit Information

Received all relevant job details providing a clear overview of required work along with complimentary information where required.

Workforce Rostering

Flexible, comprehensive solution that enables organisations to deal with complex rostering challenges and ensure the right people, with the right skills are available at the right time.

Automated Roster Allocation

Creates efficient rosters that meet all KPIs and compliance standards, based on staff availability and service demand.

Staff Self Service Portal

Provides visibility of rosters and assigned shifts, while enabling staff to highlight availability and record absences.

3rd Party Brokerage

Integrate with contingency staff suppliers to efficiently fill any rostering gaps.


Ensuring the efficient allocation of resources, enabling organisations to achieve complex scheduling goals while taking time, location, availability and service levels into consideration.

Automated Scheduling

Take advantage of advanced scheduling algorithms that dynamically create the most effective delivery schedules based on an organisation’s scheduling goals. 

Scheduling Dashboards

Easily monitor the progress of the planned schedule and track the status of work, location of deliveries and planned route of each staff member.

Dynamic Dispatch

Assign work to staff one job at a time, based on skills location and work requirements, after they have completed their most recent visit.

Overcoming Today’s Challenges in Commercial Field Service

Our Commercial & Infrastructure Managing Director, Rob Gilbert, explores the major challenges facing commercial organisations today. In this video, Rob highlights case studies of clients who have achieved remarkable transformations in:

  • Enhancing cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency
  • Fostering a skilled, satisfied workforce that consistently surpasses customer expectations.

Ultimately, we provide real time decision support to improve productivity and customer satisfaction across your organisation

In addition to this we are able to ensure a safe environment for staff while driving improvements in health and wellbeing.

Through Totalmobile Insight product we can provide:

  • Increased operational efficiency – enabling you to observe and react to your field workforce real-time, increasing profit through the improved use of your resources.
  • Ensure Service Compliance – live monitoring of SLA and KPI adherence ensures organisations can react accordingly to prioritise work and ensure compliance while mitigating against the risk of fines.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction – Keep your promise to your customers by providing a high quality and reliable service that improves satisfaction, aid retention, and opens up new opportunity
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