Cornwall Housing Case Study

Cornwall Housing believes in providing excellent housing services to their customers and communities. Their vision is “To deliver high quality homes and housing services to the communities of Cornwall.”

Cornwall Housing believes in providing excellent housing services to their customers and communities. Their vision is “To deliver high quality homes and housing services to the communities of Cornwall.” With the aim to be a high performing housing company providing an exemplar service to the population of Cornwall. As an organisation they are ambitious, innovative and business focused.

Cornwall Housing’s future objectives are to achieve the Cornish Housing  Standard by maintaining their homes, creating new homes, making efficient use of resources and ensuring excellent housing services with good governance and tenant involvement.

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Challenges Faced by Cornwall Housing

Prior to working with Totalmobile, Cornwall Housing had been using an old fashion, paperbased operation system. Everything including time sheets and work orders were provided as paper packets, being handed to operatives each week. A supervisor would then have to visit each field site to get these collected in person. Once time sheets were collected, they would be bought back to the office and manually entered onto the system and sent through another approval process. This wasted a lot of staff time and provided a very inefficient way of working in the current circumstances.

Cornwall Housing knew they had to modernise processes quickly in order to become more efficient and cost effective. Cornwall Housing looked into several different possibilities to reduce staff time and make the process much quicker. Connect from Totalmobile was selected by Cornwall Housing to simplifying their process and ensure efficiency gains through the utilisation of the software. Connect has been able to provide Cornwall Housing with an effective, easy to use solution which allows staff to carry out work in a timelier manner, while also ensuring accuracy.

Cornwall Housing’s primary focus was to implement a software solution that not only automated their working processes, but enabled them to become more efficient, while providing staff with a solution that was easy to use and benefited them.

Why Totalmobile

Connect, Totalmobile’s cloud-based job management solution, provides Cornwall Housing with system that is easy to use and quickly adopted by the workforce. After thorough evaluation, Cornwall Housing identified Connect as the leading housing system on the market, providing the Housing Association with the confidence that it could be quickly implement and utilised, in order for them to experience a range of benefits as quickly as

The Totalmobile process allowed Cornwall Housing to quickly train their staff on the system without any delays, by providing a solution that was easy to follow, user friendly and an provided an efficient way of working exactly what Cornwall Housing had set out to achieve at the start of the process.

Cornwall Housing selected Connect from Totalmobile as it provided a more efficient way than to rebuild their existing processes to become more automated and efficient. Through the implementation of the Connect, Cornwall Housing saved time and money, by improving processes and provided a new way of working, via a proven and trusted solution.

When deploying the system Cornwall Housing involved all operatives at different levels to test the solution before roll out. When demos were given a lot of thought and time had gone into who would be using the system at different user group levels. After involving operatives in the process, the most frequent feedback provided surrounded the ease of use of the solution itself.


  • User friendly – staff were able to easily use the new system and found it much quicker to complete their assigned work.
  • Quick diagnostic – problems were resolved much faster.
  • Reduced phones calls – the number of calls were reduced by eliminating a lot of unnecessary jobs.
  • Limited visits – this saved time and money as enquires were dealt with over the remote software solution, reducing face to face visits and
    resolving issues quicker.
  • Efficiency – Jobs were logged and resolved at a much faster pace enhancing service user satisfaction.
  • Process flow – bespoke workflows improved accuracy and everyone was aware of the work that was required and in which order.
  • Cost effective – the system was easier to maintain and enabled a range of cost efficiencies compared to previous solutions and processes.

“The Connect solution has enabled us to use one software platform throughout our business, giving us a clear way of working and allowing us to follow the same processes and work together as a business.

Connect is very much a proactive system rather than reactive, saving us time
and making us more cost efficient as a result”. 

Brett Howard – Operational Business Manager

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