EHM Homes Case Study

EMH Homes is part of EMH group, one of the largest and most successful providers of affordable housing and housing-related support services in the East Midlands.

EMH Homes is part of EMH group, one of the largest and most successful providers of affordable housing and housing-related support services in the East Midlands. The other members of the EMH group are EMH Care & Support and Midlands Rural Housing, which provides specialist rural housing support services.

EMH Homes have been providing good quality, affordable homes to  individuals and families in the East Midlands since 1946.

As a social housing and care provider, they have a significant landlord  presence in the East Midlands and a strong track record of delivering homeless accommodation and support services.

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Challenges Faced by EMH Homes

EMH Homes was one of the very first customers back in 2016 to use Connect from Totalmobile, they utilised every aspect of the software solution to enhance their offering to customers.

Prior to implementing Connect, their biggest challenge was the fact that all extended group companies used different direct labour organisation (DLO) systems. This meant it was very difficult for EMH Homes to monitor and manage any KPI’s across the group.

All the different organisations utilised different systems to process work orders. This led to multiple works streams and a complete lack of integration between systems meant that there was no visibility of work being undertaken or complete. Having a range of different systems in place also meant there were inconsistent processes used by each of the individual organisations Depending on which sub organisation’s employees undertook the work, customers would receive varying levels of service, even though they were being presented as one business.

The key challenge and question which needed to be resolved was:
“Find a system which pulls everything together so we can have a consistent service delivery throughout our business”.


Why Totalmobile

Totalmobile’s Connect software solution was the right solution for EMH Homes to ensure they achieved their goals as a company. Totalmobile were the only vendor throughout the procurement process, which was scenario based, who could meet all the requirements and objectives for EMH Homes.

Totalmobile also invested resources to write some bespoke software, to ensure every element of EMH Homes objectives were met. The main reasons for selecting Totalmobile were:

  • From the start of the process Totalmobile quickly demonstrated they could delivery everything EMH homes wanted, in the most effectiv way, with minimal disruption to every day working life.
  • Totalmobile ensured the software worked exactly as required by EMH
    homes and not the other way around.
  • Totalmobile clearly demonstrated how the system was easy for EMH
    homes to adopt, user friendly and the most effective in streamlining
    and enhancing service delivery.


“The Connect solution has enabled us to use one software platform throughout our business, giving us a clear way of working and allowing us to follow the same processes and work together as a business.

Connect is very much a proactive system rather than reactive, saving us time and making us more cost efficient as a result”.


Dave Shaw – Commercial Head of Maintenance


The main advantage of using Connect for EMH homes was that the software solution allowed them to work the way they wanted to. It never forced EMH homes to work in a boxed environment nor did it change their processes. Instead the solution fitted with their business values and ways of working.

Most of EMH homes was primarily a paper-based organisation so any kind
of costing and scheduling was done on paper, and often these papers would
go missing, creating significant issues.

Connect enabled EMH homes to become more automated and digitally driven, with the solution providing transparency of jobs and schedules on the system.

Since having Connect as a single solution EMH homes have saved significant
time and reduced any inefficiencies associated to the delivery of services.
A primary example of this is a cost saving of £1Million per annum, through
the enhanced efficiency experienced in the scheduling of work, and improved
visibility of job assignment.

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Jobs are now getting completed much faster through an approval process which previously took days. This has proven to add to operational efficiencies. Every job is now being checked and approved through the system in a timely manner ensuring the right costing is on the invoice and EMH homes are not being over charged. If there is any discrepancy, then questions are being asked at the very start, before jobs are completed, saving time and money. Finally, the ability to streamline all previous systems into one comprehensive job management solution has enable EMH homes to improve processes, enhance consistency and ensure that they are being provided
with a single version of the truth.

This has led to a dramatic turnaround for EMH homes, who are now running a surplus through the implementation of Connect and its adoption by employees.