Barnet Homes, part of the Barnet Group

Barnet Homes is part of the Barnet Group, committed to providing great services to all residents and leaseholders. They work to develop quality
services that meet customers’ needs and engage with customers to build inclusive and sustainable communities.

Equality and diversity is central to delivering their strategic goals and to supporting their residents and service users to lead improved and, where possible, independent lives. Through their approach they will deliver effective outcomes, enhance their working environment, and encourage and cultivate
the vibrant communities, social cohesion, and inclusion that support their customers and the business.


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Barnet Homes have recently introduced a new inhouse repairs service team to their business model to help with maintenance on their tenant’s properties. The team very quickly realised they needed a more comprehensive repairs booking system to schedule jobs as the current way of working wasn’t efficient. This was ultimately costing Barnet Homes time and money as jobs were not getting booked correctly. In addition to this, the visibility of jobs as they were created and allocated to engineers was poor, meaning something needed to change.

Barnet Homes were looking for a job management software system which had integrated mobile working technology. This was very important as the new workforce would be out on the fields and it was important for TBH to ensure they had visibility of what their workforce was working on and where they were located.

Why Totalmobile

One of the main benefits of using Connect from Totalmobile for Barnet Homes was the configurable nature of the solution, it enabled Barnet Homes to adapt it to fit their needs and processes, instead of being restricted by the more common out of the box type solutions that often require users to change how they work?

The other big advantage highlighted by Barnet Homes was that Connect is cloud based solution. This is regarded as being particularly important as the solution and all accompanying data is regularly backed up and securely stored at all times. This provided Barnet Homes with reassure that their information was secure in the cloud and fully backed up, so that should any disaster occur, no data would not be lost, and all customer information will be kept safe.

Barnet Homes also choose Totalmobile because it was scalable and would allow them to adapt easily to increased workload or business demands. The software solution has a range of capabilities that enable the organisation to increase workforce productivity and ensure more jobs are being managed through the system as the business grows.


“Even though Barnet Homes have only been using Connect for a short while we can already see the benefits that this is delivering to our organisation. The dashboards provide us with real time visibility and control really are amazing and the transition to a cloud-based solution means that we now have complete confidence in the security of all our tenant and organisational data.”

“Having only used the software solution for a short while Barnet Homes can already see benefits coming from the user dashboards, that provide Barnet Homes with full visibility of what is going on in real time. The configurable
widgets highlighted on the dashboard enable Barnet Homes to easily access the information which is of most relevance and provides a beneficial real time snapshot of performance, that they have previously not been able to access.

Stefan Eriksson – ICT Manager

Future Plans

Barnet Homes are expanding as a business and are working on several inhouse services to improve their offering to their tenants. These expanding services include gas service delivering system, installations and heating breakdowns, all of which will be deployed onto the Connect software solution. Barnet Homes are using Totalmobile’s Connect solution as their single go to platform to ensure all their systems are linked and integrated to provide Barnet Homes with a better vision of their business.

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