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Facilities Management Software

What is Facilities Management Software?

Facilities management software is a professional management software which focuses on the efficient and effective delivery of support services that are delivered to organisations.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defines facility management as the “organizational function which integrates people, place, and process within the built environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business.” This is all achievable for an organisation if they invest in an efficient facilities management software.

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Benefits of Facilities Management Software

Having the right facilities management software solution provides organisations with numerous benefits such as:

  • Asset Tracking and management – this allows organisations to tack all their assets in the facilities management software database and identify any changes, as they develop in real time. It also enables operatives to look up previous data, compare reports and access personalised dashboards to ensure there is complete visibility of all relevant data.
  • System of record – as a company’s need changes over time it is important to ensure all data is recorded from a job, including additional supporting notes, pictures, costing, capital improvements and even employee locations. The facilities management software enables companies to hold an audit trail and record of everything should they need it in the future, helping them increase compliance and reduce risk.
  • Cost analysis – this helps organisations to understand and analyse various workplace costs which drives effective business planning. Direct from the Facilities Management software, managers will know how much they have spent on a weekly, monthly and annually basis on across a range of utilities and other operational costs. This enables them to become more efficient when producing budgets for the future, helping plan any major upcoming costs.

The benefits of having implementing facilities management software is easy to see throughout the business and can be shown from a balance sheet. Overseeing workplaces gives facility managers plenty of insight into opportunities and inefficiencies. Having effective Facilities Management Software will help any organisation run at maximum efficiency, at all times.

Taking control with a single system

Facilities Management organisations want to deliver a better-quality service, with improved responses to issues, in order to increase efficiency and improve SLA compliance. The challenge is businesses want to deliver more for less. Figuring out how they can do this within an organisation can be a struggle without utilising effective facilities management software. This is due to restrictions that are placed on organisations due to the lack of digital technologies and innovations accessible to them. Furthermore, compliance is a big issue in Facilities Management, as providers often are required to improve that the work was undertaken and delivered to a consistent standard. Where paper based and other manual processes are used, it is very difficult for organisations to prove compliance. Implementing facilities management software allows organisations to have seamless access to all the information they require via one, easy to use solution.

Integration is key in this process… as organisations get smarter with technology, the benefits of an integrated facilities management solution is becoming more evident. This is particularly the case as Facilities Management providers look to add additional capabilities such as mobile working, dynamic scheduling and Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Investing in and managing connected devices is a recipe for even better service delivery and decision-making, as organisation are empowered with a more connected and streamlined offering, via modern facilities management solutions.

What helps the delivery of good facilities management software?

Any system will only be as good as its adoption. Therefore it’s imperative that the operative using the solution, is provided with a modern and easy to use solution that makes their life easier. Helping streamline processes and providing easy access to all required information not only aids adoption, but also empowers frontline workers to get the job right, first time.

IoT is a growing technology in the Facilities Management sector, that is being introduced to continue to make management’s live easier. Having sensors which are constantly monitoring conditions and environments can allow mangers to predict faults before they actually occur. With the wealth of data and real time information provided by sensor, all required users are provided with clear visibility of the working environment, when they need it.

All facilities management software should be fully cloud-based and web-integrated, This enables organisations to effectively organise, structure and run all elements of their business through a cloud-based infrastructure cloud networking that allows for maximum efficiency and performance in one place.

On whole, these technologies are enabling the facilities management market to become leaner and more effective, reducing operational costs, improving compliance with standards, increasing workforce capacity and providing a quality customer experience.

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The effective delivery of a facilities management software platform can help reduce maintenance costs for any business. It can also cut minimise downtimes in case of equipment malfunctions as these systems allow managers to proactively respond to issues within the facility, before they escalate. The system selection and prioritisation of functionality can assist in the management of the entire asset management process, allowing the delivery of maintenance work to be completed much more efficiently.

Totalmobile have been revolutionising both hard and soft facilities management, from cleaning to mechanical and electrical services by integrating workforce management and dynamic scheduling with the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable organisations to deliver an efficient on-demand and condition-based service. Whether it’s a smart room telling you when it requires cleaning, or a break fix HVAC repair, we are transforming everyday practices by improving the efficiency of service delivery via our facilities management software solutions.

Our solutions provide real-time visibility of data captured via IoT, mobile, and wearable devices to identify flaws, prevent KPI breaches, initiate proactive services, increase efficiencies, ensure compliance, enhance customer satisfaction and deliver a sustainable ROI within Facilities Management organisations.