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At first glance construction logistics seems simple. Just ensure that the right materials are delivered to the right place at the right time.  However, behind the scenes, there is a range of information sources that need to be considered when supporting construction fleets, consisting of; vehicle profiles, workload schedules and capacity, as well real-time asset information; like the location of drivers, traffic and weather conditions.

A lack of exact workforce software can lead to multiple issues on and off the site. For example, inaccurate directions which can result in dangerous routing, dangerous vehicle manoeuvres and misleading ETA’s supplied to the customer which can create delays in the overall construction project and create dissatisfied customers.

But, these issues are just the tip of the iceberg, each year within construction sites, hundreds of preventable accidents occur on the road and approximately ten people die as a result of being struck by vehicles on a site.  Combine this with the risk-off the site, where there are various news reports of HGVs incorrectly travelling through neighbourhoods, causing network congestion and disturbance, and costly bridge strikes.

Therefore, there is an enormous focus on construction fleets to find solutions to minimise their adverse impact on the public and environment – creating the need for purpose-built technology. So, how does workforce management technology support very specific routing requirements and field workers’ within the construction sector?

Workforce management systems collate all of the relevant data information into a digestible form so that all business operations can make better-informed decisions both on and off the job site, it also provides businesses with the confidence that the heavy-duty vehicles are driving safely and efficiently and adhering to road routes.

For Fleet Managers, it provides:

  • Accurate planning and scheduling tools to create and allocate jobs for the entire workforce to ensure compliance is maintained and that all operations are completing the same processes and providing a consistent level of service.
  • Real-time visibility of the entire fleet on a single dashboard, with tools to monitor vehicles, track route diversions, monitor KPIs, and provide intelligent insights of all vehicles to help prevent potential delays and contractor compliance fines.
  • Full visibility of inventory onboard trucks for delivery, as well as information of traffic delays, weather conditions.


For Drivers and subcontractors on the road, it provides:

  • Vehicle specific route navigation to and from construction sites, to ensure safe, efficient and compliant routing – as well as preventing disturbance and congestion on local roads
  • Routes based on historic and real-time information, traffic and weather to direct drivers down the most appropriate routes.
  • Accurate ETA with on the road updates so that the site managers are in the know for when the goods due to be delivered with the exact location within the site
  • Reduces the costs on fuel used by giving drivers the optimised specific routes.

According to Gartner, over 75% of organisations expect to use mobile apps this year for technical projects and Gartner state the field service market is expected to grow by 20% each year. There is without a doubt an increasing demand for this type of technology which will ultimately enhance field workers’ roles within construction logistics.


How Totalmobile and Trimble can help

Totalmobile and Trimble MAPS are at the forefront of creating and delivering innovative and effective solutions for the Civil Engineering and Construction industry. We bring a unique combination of industry experience and sophisticated workforce management systems to ensure services are delivered smarter and safer while maintaining standards and improving the overall customer experience.

Together we’ve developed an innovative workforce management solution which helps plan routes, factoring strict capacity and geographic restrictions, including tracking drivers’ location in real-time while alerting fleet managers if a driver diverts from the permitted route.


Solutions designed to support the UK’s new low carbon high-speed rail project (HS2)

EKFB has implemented this solution to support the HS2 project. The system combines Totalmobile’s Mobilise mobile workforce management application with the Trimble MAPS suite of commercial mapping, routing, navigation and location solutions. Read more on the solution here or watch our video below:

If you’d like further information on how Totalmobile and Trimble MAPS can help ensure accurate and safe services for your organisation, contact us on


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