Real time view and exception notifications

Get alerted to deviations from the service plan to ensure the perfect day everyday

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It’s hard to keep track of your field service team. There are so many unknowns that can crop up and affect your plan for the day, leading to jobs being missed, SLAs breached and unnecessary costs incurred. The result? Unhappy customers, and a field service operation that’s performing below its best. Even if you have access to real time data from the field, it’s not easy to see what is causing the problems, understand how to fix them, align your managers to take action, or get your technicians to change their behaviour to improve for the next shift.

Insight from Totalmobile is a Complete Operational Intelligence Solution that automates the process of analysing all that data and presents it in maps, charts and data visualisations so you can see immediately where to focus your efforts.

Act on live data across your plan, technicians, customers and tasks. Configurable thresholds alert you to issues as they occur and help you decide on what action to take.

Filter what information various stakeholders receive whilst ensuring everyone has a single version of the truth. Senior managers for example can have a top level overview of field service performance and financials without needing to get that information from their reports. The application aligns people across the organisation, helping them to collaborate on the right response, at the right time

A consolidated view of all KPIs

Your key field service metrics are displayed in a single master dashboard across the Plan, Technicians, Customers and Tasks. At a glance, you can see how well each aspect is performing and focus your efforts where they are most needed.

Real time, automated insights

Each metric is updated in real time as the field service team conduct their day. A configurable threshold alerts you as soon as a metric is over and under performing. For instance, if the number of tasks completed is lower than anticipated, a simple amber or red status change will notify you that action is required.

Problem diagnostic indicators

Once alerted to a problem area, the application will present you with the most relevant data, showing all related metrics. Interrogating the issue from a number of viewpoints and navigating between different KPIs across multiple dimensions enables you to identify the cause of the problem and take immediate action to address it. It also shows whether problems are isolated or connected.

Accurate decision making

Decisions are only as good as the data they are based on. The application enables fast, informed decision making across your business, by providing accurate and informative views on operational data in real time.

Stay on plan

Visualise and understand any deviance from the plan for the current shift, so you can act swiftly to correct any issues. Analyse the effectiveness of planned work to help planners keep on track.

One organisation-wide version of the truth

Align schedulers, service managers, operational personal, call centre operatives, account managers and technicians around a common truth. The dashboard clearly shows when and where issues arise, reducing ambiguity and stimulating accountability.

Technician compliance and efficiency

Organisations that strive for service excellence are dependent on the behaviour and attitude of their people. The application can help create consistency amongst the workforce by monitoring standards, such as starting shifts on time, completing safety checks, and providing a quality service.

Improved customer satisfaction

When challenges appear during the day-to-day running of the service team, it’s often customers who are the most disadvantaged. The application helps you stay on the front foot by enabling you to see, in real time, if an SLA is likely to be missed or an engineer is running late, so you can proactively manage the customers’ expectations.

With Insight, Totalmobile’s Complete Operational Intelligence Solution, organisation can access real time field service performance data that enhances decision making and ensures people are productive and customers are happy.


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