Baxi’s field service operations team was tasked with improving customer experience, in order to increase satisfaction and, ultimately, contract sales. This was a challenging objective, as Baxi’s customer experience was already highly rated. The aim of the project with Cognito iQ (acquired by Totalmobile in March 2021) was to be data led rather than relying on gut feel to make decisions.

The solution that was implemented, enabled Baxi to set objectives and the strategies needed to reach them using actual business performance data. At the same time they were able to align individual decision making with the overarching organisational objectives and establish a feedback loop that continuously improved performance across the operation.


  • Contract sales grew by 5,000 sales per month
  • Customer experience metric, NPS, improved from 68 to 72
  • Visit response saw 25% improvement
  • Improved FTF rate – revisits down from 19.2% to 17.8%
  • Average times for engineer revisit fell from 6 days to 3.5 days
  • Call centre response time improved from 81% to 90% answered within SLA
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