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Operational Intelligence

A Real Time Insight To Service Delivery

The Operational Intelligence capability provided by Insight enables organisations to make decisions based on real-time service data, as it is being generated. Providing a range of customized screens, users can view key information at right time.

This empowers organisations to achieve genuine value by impacting current, ongoing services.

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Monitor Performance

by assessing live information on ongoing services and results against key metrics

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Make Great Decisions

by being highlighted to potential risks to services, enabling proactive decisions to be made to get back on plan

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Provide Quality Services

by delivering to plan while ensuring compliance of service and maximizing capacity

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A Real Time Intelligence Hub

Users are provided with a full overview of business processes and how planned work is developing. With a selection of tiles that track all KPI performance against pre-defined parameters, users can also view how services are tracking across the organisation, at a glance.

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Review Performance Across Time

By taking regular snapshots of the status of service throughout the day, users can review how service performance unfolds over the course of the day. A simple sliding function enables users to review performance at a specific time allowing them to identify when and why major changes may have occurred.

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A Deeper Understanding

If an issue is developing across planned services, it is highlighted using a simple traffic light system which is based of predetermined thresholds. Users can then click on the relevant tile to view a wealth of more detail to identify reasons for underperformance and make decisions accordingly.

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Team & Employee Status

Managers can review performance at a team or employee level to enable develop a more specific understanding of how services are developing on the ground. This allows users to track the progress of planned work, employee location and status and easily understand how work is evolving against plan.

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Identify Opportunity

Insight not only provides managers with an understanding of specific planned jobs that are under threat that day, but it also highlights opportunities for improvement. By identifying gaps in a particular field worker’s day, users learn where jobs can be reassigned to ensure services are delivered to plan and capacity is maximized.

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Baxi have implemented Insight from Totalmobile to provide a real-time understanding of ongoing service performance. By keeping in touch with all that is going on across their field workforce, they are able to keep their promise to their customers and ensure a quality service is being delivered, while proactively dealing with any potential risks to the plan.