Analytics & Business Insights

Insights to Transform Your Business.

AI powered, Actionable Intelligence.

Analyse is the business intelligence component that puts the worker at the centre of our AI powered mobile workforce management solution. It is designed to turn the data generated by your field based employees into powerful, actionable intelligence. Drill into underlying data that allows you to deploy the right skills into the areas that need them. This data when captured and analysed can be used to identify process problems, reduce delivery costs and ultimately transform customer satisfaction and business performance.

New Field Insights. Great Decisions.

Analyse dashboards, data visualisations and reports enable supervisors, executives and employees to visualise their current field and SLA performance. It enables a level of data that can be used to truly engage with customers, providing them with a service that is unique. You’ll discover insights that will drive you to where valuable decisions can be made, discover where time is being lost, and identify where efficiencies can be gained.

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Visualise and Understand Field Performance Data.

With Analyse, our business intelligence application enables users to explore data in new and innovative ways. Users have access to multiple, easily configurable chart types, interactive dashboards that enable you to drill down and multiple data visualisation options allowing you to unveil hidden insights within field data. Each user can gain a unique perspective on how they work and how the business is operating in real-time.

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Data Warehouse with a Difference

Our analytics and business intelligence solution is designed to deliver long term insights into field performance using data stored in a specifically designed data warehouse. ETL tools are used to extract, transform and load data into the data warehouse. By using our pre-built KPIs and report packs your organisation can significantly speed up project implementation and focus on the data that drives change and business transformation.

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The Ultimate Guide to Increasing the Capacity of Your Mobile Workforce

We explore the five key business areas where capacity is put under undue pressure.

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Key Features of our Solution

Drill down into essential data that can transform your business decisions with interactive dashboards and reports, learn more about the core features of our analytics solution.

  • Data Visualisation

    Explore field data in new and innovative ways to unveil hidden insights including scatter charts, heat maps and waterfalls. Have access to multiple chart types (line, column, pie, funnel etc.), all designed with simple drag and drop interfaces to ensure your user experience is intuitive and simple.

    Data Visualisation
  • Interactive Dashboards

    Create personal dashboards that support the drill-down into sub reports, details and data hierarchies that help staff discover new trends and transform your business with actionable insights. Make sure that the right skills are being used in the right areas.

    Interactive Dashboards
  • Data Warehouse

    A pre-built centralised database that delivers quick and easy access to field performance data. Report on long term insights and use the pre-built KPIs and report packs to speed up your project implementation by ensuring staff are being used effectively

    Data Warehouse
  • In the Cloud

    Benefit from the scalability, performance and lower cost of performing field analytics in the Cloud. Whether your teams are large scale or small, our Cloud solution offers flexibility and ease of use for all.

    In the Cloud
  • Integration

    Leverage any previous investments in business intelligence by easily integrating our field analytics solution to alternative business intelligence solutions, giving you a real-time view of where your organisation is and where it can go.


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Clancy Docwra’s company mission is to be the most trusted provider of central services in the UK. In order to achieve this mission, Clancy Docwra implemented our solutions across all contracts for their gangs and operatives. Learn how this transformed their business processes.

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