Customer Webinar

Insight is a complete field service intelligence solution that empowers organisations to develop a real-time understanding of past, present and future service performance. Specialised in providing in-depth access to real-time data, organisations gain unprecedented visibility of all aspects of service delivery to enable better decision-making. Critical information & hidden trends are available to leadership at the right time, driving meaningful operational value gains where & when it’s most needed.

Join Rob Gilbert, Managing Director of Commercial Field Services with Tristan Penton, Head of Product Management, as they explain:

  • How to identify gaps in operational workforce intelligence.
  • The immediate steps you can take towards accessing business & operational data in real-time.
  • How harvesting data in the right way and at the right time can transform your operational performance for your customers, staff and shareholders.

The advice shared enables you to harness the power of real-time operational intelligence, ensuring future KPIs and SLAs are met… and exceeded with Insight. 

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