Introducing Totalmobile in the Civil Engineering & Construction Sectors

The Civil Engineering and Construction industries are essential as they build and design the places we work, transportation systems and roads we travel on, communication networks and power supplies whilst offering innovation within our surroundings.

Totalmobile are at the forefront of creating and delivering innovative and effective solutions for the Civil Engineering and Construction industry. Collaborating with our integration partners including Trimble and Vodafone, Totalmobile have delivered solutions for many large profile organisations such as EDF, EKFB and Allianz.

Our solutions enable:

  • Mobile workforce management
  • Real time reporting
  • Survelliance opportunity software for inspections and audits
  • Logistics route management and compliance
  • Inventory management
  • Rostering and dynamic scheduling
  • Lone worker protection

For further information on our solutions within the Civil Engineering and Construction sectors, download our brochure.

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