The Utilities sector is made up of vital amenities such as gas, water, electricity and telecoms and serves millions of homes and businesses across the economy in order to keep lights and heat working and water running. It’s essential for our population and is recognised as providing the critical infrastructure that supports the whole of the UK.

However, the Utilities sector faces many challenges, such as an ageing infrastructure and the need to meet regulations, as well as an ageing workforce. Furthermore, customers are continuously expecting higher levels of service and it’s now easier for them to have access to a range of available suppliers. Additionally, the sector is undergoing substantial transformation to support the move to a lower carbon economy that will involve new infrastructure, systems and innovative ways of working.

Totalmobile’s technology is fully configurable and suitable across large utilities and infrastructure organisations, providing you with the flexibility that will satisfy your business needs. The technology that seamlessly integrates with your back-office systems allowing you to easily manage all work activity across your workforce.

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