Mood Diary App for Rio

A patient app that helps clinicians be more informed about a patient’s mental wellbeing.

All Mental Health Trusts in England have a Zero Suicide Programme which aims to help reduce the risk of self-harm and patient suicides.

The programme is supported through close engagement between the patient and clinician and part of this engagement includes the agreement and sharing of a ‘Safety Plan’ which gives the patient support and guidance. Gaining an understanding of the patient’s daily mood and any interventions they have undertaken themselves to cope is also an important aspect of the care process. However, capturing and sharing this information often proves difficult meaning clinicians miss out on important insights into the patient’s wellbeing and coping strategies.

Working with our partners, Servelec, we have developed the Mood Diary App for Rio. With the app, patients can record their mood and factors affecting their feelings via a discreet application on their mobile device. Patients can also record any support they may have received from family, friends and mental health professionals

For further information on our Mood Diary App for Rio, download our brochure.

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