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  • Mobile workforces are utilising 40% – 60% of their potential capacity due to old ways of working
  • Limited data access, reliance on paperwork, unnecessary admin and siloed IT systems prevent workers from achieving their full potential
  • Totalmobile’s WorkNow platform uses artificial intelligence, mobile information management, data synchronisation and predictive business analytics to allow more efficient working

Belfast, June 29th – Belfast-based Totalmobile has today launched WorkNow, a cloud based mobile workforce enablement platform, that brings together technology, tools, applications and best practice solutions that help release the potential in mobile workforces.

Nurses, social workers, engineers and construction staff are only working to a small fraction of their potential. This is due to outdated ways of working and administrative tasks that add unnecessary pressure to the job. Core applications Mobilise, Analyse and Optimise are available within the WorkNow platform, to help overcome these issues and enable a more modern way of working.

Encompassing intelligent automated job creation, dynamic scheduling, innovative mobile apps and intelligent business decision tools, WorkNow provides an easy to use solution that improves how people work and enables them to get back over 1 hour of their time every day. This allows them to focus on the most important work, providing an immediate increase in capacity for their organisation and an improved quality of service to their customer.

Jim Darragh, CEO, Totalmobile highlighted, “Many of the organisations we work with already have vast potential within their workforce. Unfortunately, it’s often restricted by issues such as poor data, paperwork and unsuitable IT. At Totalmobile, we give time back to our users every day. This enables all that untapped potential to be released.”

Underpinned by innovative data synchronisation technology and AI based resource scheduling, WorkNow provides instantly deployable, best in class mobile workforce solutions. These are ready for deployment into multiple sectors with a mobile workforce, including health and social care, local government, construction, facilities management and utilities.

The platform also provides tools to give organisations the ability to create their own differentiated solutions, tailored to fit their specific needs. Organisations can do this by starting with the ready-made, best practice solutions available and then using the tools to do the rest.

“Our WorkNow platform provides pre-built, best in class solutions that have benefited from our experience of working with over 300 customers. Importantly, it also provides organisations with the control to create their own solutions should this be an approach they want to explore.

It undoubtedly provides our customers with the ability to do more, whether that be completing more jobs per day, spending more time on each job, or reducing the cost of service. WorkNow enables users to do more of the work that matters.”

Users access the WorkNow platform through core applications that help introduce new, improved working processes and create additional capacity within mobile workforces:

  1. Optimise: an AI-powered adaptive workforce scheduling tool, which allows employers to allocate work, review travel routes, record unavailability, allocate and reallocate jobs. It automatically adapts to travel disruption, the requirement for multi-skilled workers, complex teams and multiple departments to create a schedule that works in the real world. This allows workers to spend more time on the jobs that matter, and less time traveling between jobs or to and from the office.
  2. Mobilise: an easy-to-use secure app, enabling workers to complete work in the field on any mobile device across iOS, Android and Windows. For example, workers can fill in forms, take photos, capture signatures and much more – right at the point of service delivery, removing the need to go back to base. It gives employees access to all the information they need, anywhere they need it. This reduces admin and enables them to be more productive and focus on delivering quality services.
  3. Analyse: business intelligence and analytics that provides an insight into operational performance. The cloud-based solution turns the business data generated by field-based employees into actionable insights in a way never possible before. Analyse enables supervisors, executives and employees to visualise current performance, and dive into the underlying details, to identify where efficiencies can be gained and continuous improvement can be made.

Totalmobile also announced new additional features to existing user applications, including:

  • Fingerprint authentication: users can now sign in and unlock the Mobilise application using their fingerprint, speeding up sign in and adding an additional layer of security.
  • A whole new look and feel: information can be easily captured via graphical, colour coded forms. Relevant job information is also effortlessly accessible ensuring that workers have a clear understanding of their work, where they need to be and what action is required.
  • Analyse Insights: a new self-service BI capability where users can design, publish and distribute their own reports and dashboards.


For more information, please contact:

1. Hew Leith, 10x, / 020 7127 6947

Notes to editors:

Stats on capacity utilisation taken from research carried out by Totalmobile into the health and social care markets in 2016. Full reports can be accessed here and here.

About Totalmobile

Totalmobile is an award-winning workforce enablement solution provider, with a 30-year pedigree. Its secure mobile software is used by a range of leading health and social care providers, local and central governments across the country, as well as a range of companies across the private sector, including those in construction, facilities management and utilities, to help them manage their workforce.

  • 20% cost savings to spend on something good
  • 33% more time to do what really matters
  • 95% of users adopting and loving mobile

Totalmobile helps release the potential of your mobile workforce. Every Totalmobile user can save over one hour a day, enabling more jobs or visits per worker per day. It gives employees access to all the information they need, anywhere they need it. This results in increased staff morale and service quality while reducing unnecessary paperwork, travel and cost. Totalmobile develops solutions with frontline workers for frontline workers making it intuitive and extremely easy to use.


Totalmobile is a Field Service Management (FSM) provider passionate about making work and the lives of mobile workers better. An established market leader with 375 staff across the UK and Ireland, Totalmobile supports over 1,000 organisations and 500,000 workers to transform the delivery of field services and experience an exceptional return on investment.