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Chris Haggis Appointed as Totalmobile’s Chief Operating Officer 

Haggis to play a vital role in building and maintaining customer success as the company drives growth into new markets.

BELFAST, Northern Ireland – 27th April 2023Totalmobile today announced the appointment of Chris Haggis as Chief Operating Officer. Haggis brings 25 years of experience to the role, having originally started his career in software development before moving into customer-facing management roles at Barclays, Vonage, and Triptease. He most recently spent three years as Chief Operating Officer at Sabio, a digital customer experience company. 

Now Haggis is embracing a new challenge with Totalmobile, utilising his experience in customer success and professional services and applying it to FSM. He will ultimately help handle customers’ problems and deliver solutions to ensure customers achieve maximum value when working with Totalmobile. Reporting directly to CEO Jim Darragh, Haggis is responsible for managing the business’s daily operations, working closely with each department leader and ensuring their teams have the support and resources needed to perform their day-to-day activities efficiently.

Haggis commented:

“I enjoy working with mission-critical software, and that was one of the key aspects of Totalmobile that attracted me to this role. The solutions we provide help improve the everyday working lives of people, and it’s important that we get these right and work closely with our customers to deliver the solutions that will support them in their digital transformation. It’s a great company with great people, and while we’re UK-based, there is real ambition for international expansion – another attractive element of the job for me.”

– Chris Haggis, Chief Operational Officer.

His main goals as Chief Operating Officer focus on providing the best support possible to Totalmobile’s customers. He aims to strengthen the existing digital portal and build a community of end users who can communicate and collaborate. “This is what I’m most excited about working on in the coming months – I want us to bring all of our customers together to ensure they all benefit from the wide-ranging advantages our solutions can provide,” he explained.

Haggis also wants to prioritise strengthening Totalmobile’s customer relationships. Following the acquisitions made in recent years, the company has invested in its senior management team. Haggis now wants to ensure that the focus is on building and maintaining good customer connections, especially where the primary company contact may have recently changed. He added: “It’s vital that we get the right communication paths in place, whether digital or human, to ensure that we’re meeting customer demands.”

Jim Darragh, CEO at Totalmobile, reinforced this message:

“We want to make our customers successful, and I’m confident that bringing Chris onto our leadership team will help us continue to do so. His background in customer success is invaluable and over the coming months as a team we will strive to deliver better solutions that will solve more challenges our customers are facing, not only in the UK but as we look to expand into new markets.”

– Jim Darragh, Chief Executive Officer at Totalmobile.

Edward Bell

Edward Bell, Totalmobile's Content Strategist, shapes and delivers compelling content spotlighting their unique SaaS solutions. With 6+ years in MarComs, his journey spans diverse marketing roles, driven by tech passion. Edward fuels Totalmobile's mission, educating and advocating for impactful solutions across sectors, ensuring ROI for customers.