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Dynamic scheduling involves using clever software to manage your field workforce and their workflows, taking into consideration business objectives, staff availability, skills and day-to-day disruptive occurrences. The solution makes the scheduling decisions for you.

Rather than manually scheduling the entire mobile workforces’ daily jobs and activities, (whilst juggling annual leave, sickness and other staffing issues), by hand – dynamic scheduling allows this to happen automatically.

Who Should Use Dynamic Scheduling?


Dynamic scheduling is ideal for any industry or organisation who have mobile workforces, field teams, and complex departmental needs. It is an essential step in the mobile working journey, which you can read about in our blog, “What is Mobile Working?” When it comes to managing your mobile workforce, successful dynamic scheduling means a good day in the office or, as it may be, a good day out of the office for mobile workers!

Dynamic scheduling is a key feature of our field service solutions.

dynamic scheduling and field service scheduling software

Our Dynamic Scheduling Solution

We developed our dynamic scheduling solution is powered by our AI genius, Mendel. He is the brains when it comes to the complicated algorithms that ensure your mobile workforce’s skills are deployed effectively and with productivity at its core. His job is to take on board all those issues and develop a schedule that empowers your workforce to do more jobs, efficiently and to a high standard; relieving planners and enabling them to focus on other areas of planning, such as data and business analytics.

What makes Mendel so special? You can choose the setting of our field service scheduling software: fully dynamic allows Mendel full control to schedule and organise staff using the parameters you have set. The Intelligent Assistant option allows you to accept or deny any of Mendel’s decisions, giving you the opportunity to override and have dual control. Finally, you can go fully manual, instead using the interactive dashboard and tools to manage your mobile workforce manually. You can create multiple worlds to represent different teams or departments, as they often require different rules to be set. Mendel takes all these into consideration. Staff will receive their daily jobs, which will be arranged in the most efficient way – reducing travel costs, eliminating the need to return to the office and saving fuel costs.


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Scheduling Vs Dynamic Scheduling

Scheduling is essential to any business and without it, businesses would grind to a halt. Standard scheduling is no easy task and planners manually spend time inputting new information and re-arranging schedules throughout the day. Schedules have to be distributed to field teams, and any changes communicated via telephone, if possible. These activities are constant, and occur whilst planners are dealing with the intricacies of the working day, managing new jobs, generating reports and management, to name a few.

Dynamic scheduling allows these manual tasks to be management via clever algorithms, allowing planners to focus on providing a more efficient service delivery for customers.


Benefits of Dynamic Scheduling

The key benefit of dynamic scheduling is that mobile staff are deployed effectively, using their skills and working to full capacity. Increased capacity and greater visibility of staff are essential business benefits that enable management to make informed decisions.

For staff using dynamic scheduling software, they have full visibility of their day and any changes that occur, they can update their job status, which is in turn backed up and reflected in the scheduling solution and workflow. Mendel and the dynamic scheduling allows your staff to spend more time doing the work that matters, by ensuring that the right people with the right skills are sent to the job – reducing repeat visits.

Planners can also enjoy greater visibility by viewing the status of staff diaries with live colour coded feedback from user devices, including details of when work has started, is competed, etc.

Dynamic scheduling is the future and another aspect of the journey to mobile working, unlock the potential in your mobile workforce today.

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