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Despite other industries struggling in the post Brexit decision panic, the manufacturing industry in the UK is actually booming with an increase in domestic manufacturing demand according to a recent article by Fujitsu. It really is good news but with this optimism there is also a feeling of careful consideration, now is not the time to become complacent.

Instead it is the right time to consider essential investment into new digital innovations that will only further enhance the industry’s capabilities and establish a more competitive edge for the UK market. Technology like mobile workforce management is the key that will enable manufacturing firms to manage and improve their existing assets and in building their future infrastructure.

Using field service management in manufacturing


Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Digital transformation is on the mind of many manufacturers, with 40% of them believing the sector will transform digitally by 2021, so being ready is essential and investment needs to begin now. Technology enabled automation will be at the centre of this; as clever machines continue to transform how the industry works, it is the ideal time for the investment in technology that also transforms how people work.

The implementation of mobile workforce management will be essential in supporting the industry, choosing a solution that maximises cutting edge technology like AI will future-proof the industry. Businesses need to be able to embrace innovation and adapt to drive their growth. By focusing on future-proofing and security, manufacturing will be able to innovate to the benefit of all.

Field Service Management

We’ve established that now is the time to begin investing in technology to improve how your staff work and the ideal solution is to begin with field service management. It provides manufacturing staff with the mobile technology to see each job in detail, with all the appropriate accompanying tasks in an easy to use application on their mobile device. It ensures best practice and compliance, and that work is completed more efficiently and to a high standard. It helps reduce labour costs by reducing compliance risk, increasing productivity and minimising paper based processes. The difference mobile workforce management can make is seen in the real-time information that is available to the worker right at their fingertips, making job processes more productive and thorough.

By investing in your staff and providing them with the tools they need to do their job, you can ensure that their skills are deployed in the right area and where they are needed most – meeting manufacturing demands. As a result, staff will feel more satisfied in their job role. It’s a much needed boost to morale and will improve staff retention – an important factor for manufacturing as there remains a skills shortage in this busy sector.

Planner and field service management in manufacturing

Field workforce management is only the beginning for the manufacturing industry, another transformative addition is dynamic scheduling, which ensures that jobs are cleverly scheduled depending on the business requirements. Ultimately it promises that the best person for the job will be doing the right job, boosting productivity and ensuring that more work can be done. It is also essential in being able to manage unavailability, sickness or emergency situations without negatively effecting the whole working day. Add in some clever analytics and you can really begin to see where trends and improvements can be made for the business.

These solutions work together to provide a platform that improves how the manufacturing industry works. Helping to meet the demand and retain the skilled workforce that is desperately needed.

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