With the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19, making a transformational shift in the way organisations deliver support services is a priority. Businesses are under increased pressure to keep their staff and customers safe, reducing risk while still trying to maintain a high-quality standard of service.

Up until now, support problems such as housing repairs, out of hours emergencies or application and tenancy support lead to an appointment being automatically raised. Repairs staff would then visit the customer’s property or the customer could call into a drop-in centre to resolve the issue.

However, Totalmobile has recently introduced a remote assistance capability which is empowered by video diagnostic technology. This cutting-edge technology will ensure that appointments are only being made when they are absolutely necessary and where problems can be – they will be fixed via remote support. As a result, organisations can benefit from improved outcomes such as reduced travel and associated costs, ensuring the safety of both staff and customers to help deliver an improved quality of service.

Main features include:

  • Remote Video Support
  • Screen sharing
  • Annotation
  • Voice Connection
  • Voice Recording

For further information, download our Solutions Overview brochure.

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