Morrison Mainline Group is Ireland’s leading provider of telecoms, electricity and water installation services to the Irish utility sector. Morrison Mainline have been a customer of GeoPal for a number of years before transitioning to a Totalmobile customer in early 2021 following Totalmobile’s acquisition of GeoPal. 

Morrison Mainline Group wanted to eliminate duplication and paperwork, improve job flow and deploy new forms and work processes quickly to ensure onsite work was undertaken to the highest quality and met ISO9001 standards.

Totalmobile provided Morrison Mainline Group with national installation of prepaid electricity meters and Wi-Fi routers. Managers use the Totalmobile web app to locate workers, schedule jobs, view the daily task list and review reports. The office team creates digital forms and deploys them to mobile devices for installers’ use. 


Morrison Mainline Group decided to implement Totalmobile as they believed it would provide them with:

  • Unlimited customizable mobile forms
  • A drag and drop interface which is simple to use 
  • Regulatory compliance 
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