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Integrated Care is high on the agendas of NHS Trusts and Local Authorities throughout the UK, and could ultimately improve the services provided to patients, service users, their families and carers. One of the major challenges is information sharing between organisations; mobile technology could help simplify this process.

Mobile solution provider Totalmobile has announced that they will host a range of seminars throughout the UK to provide information and open up discussions about the role of mobile in Integrated Care. Representatives from NHS Trusts, CCG’s, healthcare providers and social care departments from Local Authorities are invited to come together and learn from industry experts how mobile can facilitate effective information sharing and enhance patient care.

Totalmobile Chief Executive Colin Reid said, “Mobile working can provide common ground from which to start health and social care integration. Using mobile technology to its full potential can link both health and social care information together, empowering frontline staff to carry out tasks with all the facts available.”

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