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TotalMobile’s Open Platform For Debate On mHealth and healthcare-On-The-Go

TotalMobile has taken the wraps of its blog platform, dubbed The Mobile Moment, which has been designed as a discussion platform on mHealth for mobile working in the health and social care sectors.

The ‘Mobile Moment’ – the point in time and space when someone pulls out a mobile device to get what he or she wants immediately, was first coined by Ted Schadler, analyst for the Forrester Group.  The phrase perfectly underscores the blog, which focuses on health and social care professionals and the current real-life challenges they face and how mobile technology can help them get overcome these barriers.

EHI Live, where the health care community is meeting to discuss how IT solutions can enable healthcare organisations to become digital was the obvious place to launch the blog. We loved the idea of the ‘Mobile Moment’ and we think it is a great cue to start discussion around the issues of mHealth and how it is helping to transform healthcare as we know it,” commented Colin Reid, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TotalMobile. “This is an incredibly fast moving industry and we look forward to the debate and innovative thinking the blog will generate”.

“For the launch of the blog we are delighted to have a contribution from Dr Simon Wallace, GP whose wealth of experience provides thoughtful insight to start the debate,” added Colin. “The health industry please note – this is a platform for your voice, we look forward to ideas for contributions”.

The Mobile Moment blog will be updated regularly and feature a blend of contributions from healthcare and mobile working technology practitioners. Also,  those who develop the technology, those who develop strategy within healthcare organisations, those responsible for implementing mobile projects and, importantly, those who are using mobile technology to improve the delivery of patient care across the board.  Go to

About TotalMobile

TotalMobile is a 29-year-old software provider which specialises in innovative mobile-working solutions for public and private sector field workers. Its solutions are especially popular in health, social care and local government, being ideally suited to frontline workers who spend much of their time completing tasks in the community. The fast-growing company has over 25,000 users around the world, with customers spanning the UK, Ireland, Europe and North America.

Crucially, TotalMobile mobile-working solutions are designed from the user’s perspective, and shield frontline workers from technology complexity. The software, now in its 5th generation, supports all major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows and works offline, so workers remain productive without a connection.

TotalMobile has a strong network of partners including Vodafone, Fujitsu, Civica, Capita and Serco, giving customers access to a complete, end-to-end enterprise-class mobile-working solution.

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