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As part of our charity initiative launched earlier this year, Totalmobile are delighted to contribute to The National Deaf Children’s Society, the leading charity for deaf children and young people.

The National Deaf Children’s Society, founded over 70 years ago, provides expert support and guidance on childhood deafness, while raising awareness and campaigning for deaf children’s rights to enable them to have the same opportunities as everyone else.

The National Deaf Children’s Society offers support to the 50,000 deaf children in the UK, and offers a range of services such as deaf awareness, training, educational support, technology advice, tailored information and events for professionals, families, deaf children and young people, young adults and local support groups.

The £5,000 donation from Totalmobile will significantly help The National Deaf Children’s Society charity as children and their families ease out of lockdown.

Rachel Clark, Corporate Partnerships Manager at the National Deaf Children’s Society, highlighted the importance of donations and the impact this will make to support deaf children and their families in the coming months. Rachel commented: “I want to say a huge thank you to the wonderful team at Totalmobile for this incredible donation. Coronavirus has had a huge impact on the UK’s 50,000 deaf children, and as we emerge from lockdown, this generous gift will help us to make sure that deaf children aren’t left behind.

 The last year has been incredibly challenging for families with deaf children. We must wear face masks to keep people safe, but there are now thousands of deaf children who are struggling to communicate outside their homes. Because of this incredible donation from Totalmobile, the National Deaf Children’s Society can continue campaigning for clear face masks to be widely available, and share deaf-friendly communication tips which will break down the barriers these deaf children face each day, and help to make sure no deaf child grows up lonely, isolated or without the support they need.”

The charity which is close to the heart of Totalmobile staff was highly recommend by employee, Éamonn Armstrong, Senior Software Tester. Éamonn said, “National Deaf Children’s Society have been invaluable to our family and have helped when adjusting to the news that our first born son was deaf. They’ve continued to support us with a wide range of issues and concerns which my wife and I have had regarding our son.

The charity has provided incredible resources from what to expect, preparing for school, getting information from other family experiences, sporting activities available, schooling and other social events that can benefit our child. They sourced hearing equipment and learning tools for us as well providing a free sign language course and helped us to prepare our son for school, while providing us with incredible information regarding his safety. Additionally, they’ve provided us with guidance on how his life may be impacted by hearing loss as he grows older as well as how to navigate any future obstacles that may arise.

Needless to say, I highly recommend them for the fantastic work they do in trying to ensure no deaf child is left behind. National Deaf Children’s Society are always there for us and any deaf child which is so comforting to know and I’m delighted Totalmobile have contributed to them as part of our charity initiative.”


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