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Sunderland City Council Partners With Totalmobile & Boldyn Networks To Transform its Care and Support Service

The collaboration will support the transformation of Care and Support Services across the city, enabling more hands-on time for caregivers.

BELFAST, Northern Ireland – 20th September 2023
– Totalmobile, the UK’s leading provider of field service management software solutions, is proud to announce its latest partnership with Sunderland City Council’s trading company Sunderland Care and Support (SCAS) and Boldyn Networks. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the council’s care and support delivery, as Sunderland Care and Support (SCAS) implements four of Totalmobile’s cutting-edge products: CareLink, Mobilise, Optimise, and Protect.

The new software suite will support the optimisation of the Care and Support service available to Sunderland’s residents in several keyways:

  • Efficiency and Time/Cost Savings: By streamlining administrative tasks and automating processes, Care and Support staff will be freed from time-consuming paperwork, enabling caregivers to focus more on delivering compassionate care to service users.
  • Breaking Down Silos: Real-time data sharing will eliminate information silos, maximising staff resources and fostering collaboration among teams, resulting in better-informed decisions and improved service quality.
  • Enhanced Capacity: The partnership will allow the Care and Support service to extend its reach and support more service users across the borough without overstretching its dedicated staff, ultimately enriching the lives of even more individuals in the community.
  • Safety and Sustainability: Totalmobile’s Protect solution will ensure the safety of lone-working staff in the field while also contributing to reducing administrative costs and lowering carbon emissions—a win-win for the community and the environment.

This collaboration to optimise care and support services is part of a unique 20-year partnership between Sunderland City Council and Boldyn Networks, one of the world’s largest neutral host providers, which is transforming Sunderland into one of the UK’s most advanced smart cities.

Commenting on this groundbreaking partnership, Totalmobile’s Managing Director for Public Sector, Chris Hornung, remarked:

“We are thrilled to join forces with Sunderland City Council’s and Sunderland Care and support in this transformative partnership. Our suite of solutions will allow caregivers to deliver services more efficiently, while ensuring the safety and well-being of their staff. Together, we are not only improving the lives of service users but also fostering a more sustainable and connected community."

– Chris Hornung, Managing Director for Public Sector at Totalmobile

Sunderland City Council’s Director of Smart Cities and Enabling Services, Liz St Louis, commented: “Alongside our valued partners Boldyn Networks, we are delighted to collaborate with Totalmobile to improve the overall experience and outcomes for individuals across our smart city”.

“Streamlining how we service our communities and how we share real-time data means we can save time and resources, as well as make better-informed decisions. This new partnership will transform not just our service delivery, but also improve the lives of more individuals across Sunderland. Extending our reach to support more people across our communities is central to our ethos of leaving no one and nowhere behind.”

– Liz St Louis, Director of Smart Cities and Enabling Services at Sunderland City Council

Sunderland’s Director of Adult Social Care and Chief Operating Officer for Sunderland Care and Support, Graham King, commented: “We recognise how digital transformation can be used to dramatically improve the quality and safety of care and help people to live happy fulfilled lives in their communities.”

“This partnership will help us achieve our vision to transform the way staff work and enhance how frontline services are delivered, offering immediate benefits in improved communication, keeping staff safe and maximising the time spent with customers.”

Claire Venners, General Manager at Boldyn Networks North, added:

“Our long-term strategic partnership with Sunderland City Council is completely transforming the city, and this latest advancement is helping to further the positive impact we are having. Connecting people, communities and businesses has the power to improve lives, and we are proud to be collaborating with innovative companies to achieve our goals.”

– Claire Venners, General Manager at Boldyn Networks North

Totalmobile’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to making a positive impact on the social care sector are some of the driving forces behind this collaboration. The Company remains steadfast in its mission to provide state-of-the-art technology solutions that empower organisations to continue to deliver exceptional care and support.

For more information about Totalmobile and its partnership with Sunderland City Council and Boldyn Networks, please visit and to track the rapid progress of the smart city of Sunderland, see

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