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Local authority using TotalMobile with front-line social care workers is improving customer service, increasing staff productivity and doing more with time and travel savings

Nottinghamshire County Council is helping its customers and staff achieve more after implementing a mobile working solution from TotalMobile across its front-line social work team.

Without the need to report back to the office after each visit, workers can complete assessments and case notes directly on their tablets. This is done using TotalMobile’s mobile working solution which simplifies the way the mobile workers access and use information. The solution can be deployed on any mobile device.

“It’s a challenging time for social workers, faced with an increasing workload due to an ageing population combined with Government budget reductions,” said Ivor Nicholson, ICT Service Director, Nottinghamshire County Council. “We are always looking for technologies to make their jobs easier and TotalMobile certainly does that. They have all the case information at their fingertips and can connect to our back-end systems easily, quickly and, most importantly, very securely. It’s been a massive time saver, we are using less paper and workers can spend more time with the people that actually need their help, instead of driving back to the office to update their notes.”

Nottinghamshire initially deployed TotalMobile to a small group of workers before beginning a wider roll out.  Over 75 social workers are already equipped for mobile working and there are plans to roll-out the platform to up to 2000 other users over the next 18 months.

Nottinghamshire County Council had previously tried to implement mobile working solutions, but had problems with the poor connectivity in some parts of the county. When choosing the current solution, the ability for users to work online and offline was a key requirement.

“The connectivity in Nottinghamshire is mixed and it was imperative for our front-line workers to be able to work off-line,” continued Ivor. “We are adding further functionality all the time. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how easily people have picked up using TotalMobile. It has a particular friendly user interface and people have got up to speed very quickly with any new functionality we add.”

TotalMobile works with more than 50 local councils across England, Wales and Scotland, delivering its mobile working solution which allows council employees to work more effectively and deliver better services.

“The user experience is of paramount importance with any mobile working solution – if people find it even the least bit arduous then they will generally lose interest,” said Colin Reid, Chief Executive, TotalMobile. “An innovative approach to delivering better services with reduced budgets is what is required in the public sector right now, and Nottinghamshire’s use of mobile working is having a major impact on the delivery of social care in the county.”

About TotalMobile

TotalMobile has been successfully developing and selling enterprise software for more than 25 years, initially as TASK Software, then since 2001 as Consilium Technologies and now as TotalMobile Ltd.

Its initial focus was providing the Financial Management system, TotalFinance, to Local Government in the UK. It then expanded by developing its Works Management system, TotalRepairs and started expanding in to the Housing and maintenance markets. TotalMobile has also expanded in to the Health market.

Today, TotalMobile provides   mobile working solutions to a range of Government, Private Sector and Healthcare customers in the US and Europe, as well as throughout the UK and Ireland.


Totalmobile is a Field Service Management (FSM) provider passionate about making work and the lives of mobile workers better. An established market leader with 375 staff across the UK and Ireland, Totalmobile supports over 1,000 organisations and 500,000 workers to transform the delivery of field services and experience an exceptional return on investment.