Building management software

What is Building Management Software?

Building Management System (BMS), is software that allows organisations and users to monitor and control equipment within a building). With an efficient BMS, you can easily achieve a high level of comfort for all building users. It will also assist in reducing operational costs, such as labour and energy expenditures.

Building Maintenance software helps organisations to manages their operations for any service they are providing to their customers and caters to the general upkeep of their facilities. It is a control system that can be used to monitor and manage the mechanical and electrical services in a facility.
A key enabler to building management system is having an efficient job management solution. Connect from Totalmobile is a modern, cloud based and intuitive job management solution that provides users with the visibility and ability to control complex tasks, enabling the streamlined delivery of work.

The Facilities management sector has introduced solutions to innovate and improve their service offering to their customer, while continuing to delivery and meet KPI’s. Alongside other technologies such as mobile workforce management, wearables, dynamic scheduling and data insights, the technology provides the opportunity to streamline processes, monitor and react accordingly to assets, and enhance customer experience, while reducing costs.

Dashboards not only provide a historical view of what has already occurred, but also looks at upcoming services, highlighting risks and enabling management to take action before problems occur.

What value does a Building Management System provide your organisation?

Connect offers a comprehensive job management solution that consists of a range of features and capabilities to streamline the delivery of field-based services.

By taking a more forward-looking approach to the delivery of services, your organisation is able to better manage ongoing work, monitor job progress and identify any risks, as they occur. The outcome of this leads to a range of benefits for not only the organisation, but also staff themselves and importantly, the service user.

The software is designed around the simple principle that organisations should move away from looking backwards and taking a historical view of service delivery. Instead, Connect empowers organisations to adopt a real time, forward looking view of the services that are being delivered, enabling them to better monitor service delivery, identify risks and take the required actions to ensure high performance standards are maintained.

Why have a Building Management System?

Having an efficient Building Management System can provide facilities mangers and organisations a range of capabilities such as:

  • Better Control Costs
  • Improve Workforce Productivity
  • Visibility of Performance
  • Invoice quicker and maximise the efficiency of service delivery
  • Real Time, Insightful Dashboards
  • Modern Integrated System

The facilities sector can therefore benefit and transform the way services are offered by providing management with easy to read, real time dashboards that highlights key performance data, while also providing the ability to drill down into individual job details.

Benefits include:

  • A web based, SaaS solution, that is hosted on Microsoft Azure, Providing users with a fully integrated solution that offers a comprehensive range of capabilities including, job management, costings, mobile working and stock management. Offering these diverse range of features, organisations can truly transform and streamline service delivery, via one complete, robust software solution.

  • Compliance with standards – enhanced control and increased visibility of the job management process means that risks can be identified and dealt with early, ensuring that the rights services are delivered at the right time, while meeting all required standards.

  • Workforce productivity – streamlining processes and automating admin means field workers have more time to spend delivering quality services every day.

  • Service Efficiency – through improved visibility and control of operational costs, organisations can closely track expenditure to ensure an efficient service is being delivered, while identifying areas of inefficient spend.

  • Customer Satisfaction – by delivering services when they are required, enhancing first time fixes and improving communication with customers, satisfaction of service delivery is increased.
  • Connect from Totalmobile:

    Totalmobile’s One Modern Integrated System


    Connect provides all the features required of a job management system via an easy to use interface, bringing a modern approach to often-outdated technologies.


    Importantly, Connect offers users with the ability to take advantage of mobile and scheduling capabilities via one solution that integrates with all back-office systems. This provides users with one seamless experience and enables significant cost savings by reducing the number of systems required.


    For further information on our solution and how we can help you implement and deliver an efficient building management system, please click here

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