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Would your organisation like to reduce costs, meet SLAs and decrease second visits? With intelligent service alerts and monitoring systems, you can help your mobile workforce and customers increase workforce capacity and reduce costs.

Communicating While Mobile Working

The growing demand for businesses to offer an enhanced customer service as well as combatting the demands of pressure to deliver a consistent, cost effective service is now more apparent than before. Regular communication between an organisation’s workforce and its customers is an essential requirement for businesses having to comply to meet day to day processes, customer satisfaction and drive business revenue. Many businesses are introducing intelligent service alerts via SMS and email communications to improve their service offering for both the mobile worker and the service user.

What is Alert Messaging?

So, what is alert messaging? Alert messaging (or alert notification) is machine-to-person communication that is important or time sensitive. An alert may be a calendar reminder, a notification of a new message, a safety alert or check in. Alerts are typically delivered through a notification system via email or short message services (SMS). Alerts can be sent directly to monitoring personnel, either within the organisation or external to it. Additionally, a central monitoring platform can be integrated into monitoring work-flows centralising monitoring responsibility with a 24/7 staffed facility.

Why Businesses Need Smart Alerts

In today’s world, businesses and organisations have become heavily reliant on their IT systems and IT staff to be fully aware of any faults or interruptions to services. Organisations require constant monitoring and reporting capabilities in most cases on a 24-hour basis, especially if these are mission critical. Businesses, therefore, need to identify an efficient way to discover and respond to an incident pro-actively whilst maintaining communication between the workforce user and the customer. Implementing intelligent service alerting and monitoring solutions can help businesses and organisations do just that.

How Industry Sectors Use Smart Alerts When Mobile Working

Various industry sectors can benefit from using alerting and monitoring solutions, both internally for staff and externally for customers. For example, the healthcare industry has seen a positive impact using automated SMS messages. Each year the NHS and healthcare organisations lose significant amounts of revenue due to missed appointments, as well as wasting valuable resources.

To help resolve these issues, the introduction of SMS messaging capability can help prevent these concerns via simple text or email messages. Alerts include reminding patients of an appointment they need to attend or the need to take medication at a scheduled time, it replaces the time-consuming process of emergency phone calls and check-ins.

These intelligent service alerts reduce the amount of time wasted per day for mobile staff as well as improve emergency response times, requiring fewer staff resources. That saved time can also be spent doing more of the work that matters, improving patient care and waiting times. Ultimately this helps deliver an enhanced patient-centric experience.

Intelligent alerting improving quality of patient care

Other industries using monitoring and alerting services include facilities management, such as cleaning and repair maintenance. These services help reduce wasted travel for missed appointments. For example, if a repair maintenance worker is running late for a boiler repair appointment, an alert notification can be set up to notify the Facilities Manager to reschedule another member of staff to attend the job or to reschedule the appointment.

What is the Value of Smart Alerts and Mobile Working?

Businesses and organisations benefit from these services with reduced costs; jobs are completed on time and unnecessary travel and repeat visits are reduced.  Additional workforce capacity is also a significant benefit as the notifications ensure mobile workers are aware of the day ahead, eliminating the time wasted in returning for additional information or equipment. This additional time can be used to complete more jobs. 

NotifyMe – Smart Alerts for Mobile Working

NotifyMe SMS alertsTotalmobile’s NotifyMe service allows customers to improve their service offering by monitoring their workforce and send smart service alerts for both the service user and the customer. The cloud-based software provides live oversight into the day to day performance of your workforce, allowing you to meet SLA’s and create custom workflows to alert, escalate and resolve situations. You decide how and when you notify your customers about the upcoming service, giving them peace of mind they’ll be notified in good time. To find out further information on NotifyMe’s core capabilities, benefits and features, download our brochure or visit our website.


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