Dynamic Workforce Scheduling

The future of scheduling with our AI assistant, Mendel.

Real World. Right Schedule.

We enable organisations to solve complex real-world scheduling challenges by providing staff with everything they need to know as their working day emerges. Our intelligent AI assistant, Mendel, offers dynamic scheduling which takes on board a wide range of considerations, such as, skills required and time frames to ensure successful delivery.

Maximise Staff Time

With the creation of efficient and dynamic schedules, staff spend significantly less time planning their day and traveling between jobs. Instead they are able to view their working day on an interactive map, see optimised routes and access key documentation with a single touch through our mobile workforce management app. Your staff can then concentrate on delivering a great service and completing more jobs in a day.

dynamic schedule of work

Reduce Travel Costs

With dynamic scheduling, your staff will benefit from the most efficient routes, clearly and visually mapped, reducing fuel consumption as they minimise travel between jobs. Add in the ability to access all job information from their device and you further eliminate the need for repeated returns to the office, potentially saving your organisation £600 per employee, per annum in travel costs.

Meet SLA’s

A responsive and efficient workforce means your staff complete work on time and within budget. By ensuring skilled staff are sent to the right job at the right time, more jobs are completed at the right time first time around. This allows quicker turnaround and faster invoicing. Helping your organisation meet important those all-important SLA requirements and KPIs.

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A 10 Step Guide to Effective Field Service Scheduling

Your essential guide to establishing effective field service scheduling for your business.

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Key Features of our Solution

With multiple levels of control over our clever AI-powered scheduling solution, Mendel, you can make sure he and his intuitive features are working to empower your workforce.

  • Schedule

    Our clever scheduling solution provides a rich graphical means for your organisation to allocate, reallocate and recall work in the diaries of your workforce.

    It provides a complete view of the current status of staff diaries with live colour-coded feedback from user devices, including when work has started, is completed, is overrunning or scheduled to start late.

  • Multiple Scheduling Options

    Mendel provides a range of levels of schedule management, it can be used fully dynamic, allowing Mendel full automation control, perfect for larger deployments. For those who want to maintain some control, there is the Intelligent Assistant which allows you to override any decision from Mendel and for smaller deployments you can decide to take full manual control. Finally, Mendel On-Demand offers all the flexibility of the Cloud and its ability to auto scale to processing peaks. It can be seamlessly bridged to your existing Totalmobile infrastructure or as an add-on to our Optimise SaaS service.

    Multiple Scheduling Options
  • Worlds

    A “World” is a self-contained scheduling solution. It could represent an entire organisation or a department within your organisation. The use of Worlds means that you can apply different scheduling objectives and constraints to different parts of your organisation. You can also loan resources between worlds where extra capacity can be used by those departments or teams that are currently under resourced.

  • Scheduling Dashboard

    Our interactive dashboard provides real time indication of the overall status of the organisation schedule, informing the person managing the schedules of the current utilisation of the overall workforce and individual resources. It also highlights the level of supply and demand for specific skills, allowing transformative business decisions to be made.

    Scheduling Dashboard
  • Map

    The map view indicates the locations of work and resources as pins, presenting a creative view of the World and assisting your staff in visualising the scheduling solution at any point in time. In-depth details are highlighted when a resource is selected, providing a view of the planned work and optimum travel route for that resource.


Customer Success Stories


For the Highland Council, the key benefit is productivity. This has significantly improved since adopting mobile working, stats suggest that they are completing 20% more appointments now than they did prior to mobile. Are you ready to make the change?

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