Water Leakage Detection Systems

A growing challenge the water industry faces is the impact of water leakage. Leakage is known as treated water than is lost from the distribution system and can occur due to ageing infrastructure and general wear and tear from the weight of traffic on roads or freezing weather conditions.

Leak detection requires specialist technologies such as water leakage detection systems and field service management software solutions to detect the severity of leaks and their exact location.

Totalmobile can facilitate water infrastructure and service providers with our field service management solution which acts as a water leakage detection system. In order to ensure there isn’t any crucial time wasted, field staff can efficiently identify the correct location of where leakages are taking place, which speeds up the resolution. Additionally, NBIoT / GPRS loggers can monitor flow, pressure and indicate leakage to offer more insight than ever before into network performance and help pinpoint

By implementing innovative technologies such as water leakage detection systems and field service management, the water industry will be able to meet the required regulatory standards, of reducing water leakage by 16% by 2025. By doing so, this will ensure resilient water supplies in the future and less stress on the environment.

Asset Management in Utilities - fixing water pipe

What value does field service management solutions provide to prevent water leakage?

Field Service Management  and Water Leakage Detection Systems can facilitate the water infrastructure, detecting water leakage and accurately scheduling the right staff with the required skill set to the point of leakage. Organisations can remain compliant by having the correct schedules in place when carrying out maintenance on a burst pipe for example. By pinpointing the exact location of the water leakage, field staff can efficiently detect exactly where the leak is taking place, ensuring there isn’t any crucial time wasted and identifying the problem before it escalates.

Additionally, by reducing water leakage through the use of Water Leakage Detection Systems, there will be a reduction in revenue lost and an improvement in overall compliance.


  • Enhanced visibility and understanding of all assets and allows the ability to be more proactive with water leakages through earlier detection prior to leaks escalating
  • Increased ability to monitor assets safely and efficiently
  • Automate scheduling of staff with correct expertise and availability to the exact geographic location of the water leak
  • Ensures reduction in operational expenses due to less reactive failures, effective scheduling to locations reducing fuel expenses
  • Better manage work orders and effectively schedule and assign staff
  • Facilitate and optimise processes and service delivery


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