Vehicle Route Optimisation

What is Vehicle Route Optimisation?

Vehicle Route Optimisation refers to the process of determining the most cost-efficient route for your vehicles or fleets. It doesn’t necessarily refer to the quickest route from one location to another, but takes other factors into consideration such as utilising the most appropriately skilled field staff within the nearest location, estimated journey time, traffic conditions and route access. Vehicle route optimisation also takes other complexities into consideration such as driver schedules and the vehicle capacity.

What value does Vehicle Route Optimisation provide your organisation?

By implementing Vehicle Route Optimisation technology, your dispatchers and route planners can calculate the most appropriate and efficient route with the most relevant field staff to carry out their job. Combined with mobile workforce management and dynamic scheduling, vehicle route optimisation takes on board a wide range of considerations, including skills required, availability, time frames and disruptions such as traffic delays or route diversions to ensure successful delivery.

Combined with GPS Fleet Tracking, your organisation has full visibility of where vehicles and drivers are, ETA’s and status updates, all optimised in real time as situations change throughout the day.

Benefits include:

  • Minimises network congestion and prevents disturbance on local roads
  • Ensures safe, efficient and compliant routing
  • Reduces journey time and the cost spent on fuel by providing drivers with the optimised, specific routes. Staff can instead spend more time delivering services
  • Lowers carbon emissions with optimised routes
  • Provides a consistent level of service across your field workforce with real time visibility of drivers and their whereabouts as well as ETA’s of delivery of goods and jobs completed
  • Real time access to information such as weather conditions, traffic delays, road traffic accidents
  • Manage your fleet via a single dashboard to track routes, diversions and monitor KPI’s in order to remain compliant
  • Maximise the utilisation of skills against specific jobs
  • Ensuring the appropriate person is at a specific job, increases the amount of jobs that are efficiently completed first time
Vehicle Route Optimisation from Totalmobile:

Totalmobile provide a range of solutions to help aid vehicle route optimisation.

Our innovative workforce management solutions help plan routes, factoring strict capacity and geographic restrictions, including tracking drivers’ location in real-time while alerting fleet managers if a driver diverts from permitted routes.

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