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What is vehicle inspection software and how is it used for automotive inspection, collection and delivery in the logistics industry?

Automotive manufacturers, car leasing and finance companies, as well as fleet management organisations provide a range of logistics services in order to support customers with a consistent, quality service. Services such as vehicle inspection to identify the current condition of a vehicle and whether appropriate repair or damage costs may be incurred. Using mobile technology solutions, such as vehicle inspection software, field staff can record and report vehicle inspection information ensuring complete visibility of the vehicle, reducing paper-based processes and ensuring compliance and audit requirements are met.

Furthermore, by implementing logistics management software such as mobile solutions for GPS vehicle or fleet tracking to monitor the progress, collection and delivery of fleet vehicles ensures logistics organisations provide a safe and efficient service.

These workforce challenges, along with a desire to take advantage of digital innovations to improve efficiencies, leads to an opportunity to implement new technologies.

field worker using vehicle inspection software

What value does vehicle inspection software provide your automotive, fleet management and logistics organisations?

By implementing key enabling technologies such as mobility and vehicle inspection software, it automates processes so that automotive, fleet and logistics organisations and their field workforce can deliver a faster and better customer service. Full transparency of vehicles and their condition ensures damage to vehicles is recorded in real time and instantly reported back to the customer.

Benefits include:

  • Full visibility of vehicle tracking as well as transparency of your goods and remote field workforce
  • Complete accuracy of recording vehicle damage with vehicle and fleet information recorded in real time and images captured which are readily available
  • Providing staff with instant access to everything they need to carry out their job ensures a stress-free environment, reduces time consuming paper-based processes and travel time and results in an improved work / life balance
  • The collection and delivery of any goods generate a huge paper trail that can be inaccurate and inconsistent. Each form needs to be handled and processed numerous times, prolonging the reporting and invoicing workflow. However, using mobile technology field staff can record all information instantly and your organisation can guarantee data is accurate and consistent, ensuring compliance standards are met
  • By adhering to compliance regulations and SLA’s, logistics organisations can avoid accruing significant penalties, deliver a better operational service and generate improved cost efficiencies
  • Provide an enhanced, quality customer experience


Task from Totalmobile:


Whether it is automotive collection, appraisal and delivery through to the complex world of cash movement/ audit, or coordinating fleet management activities, our innovative, sophisticated field service management solutions can be configured to your exact business requirements.


Task from Totalmobile provides users with a simple mobile app that enables them to capture photos and record any damage on the vehicle they are inspecting. With the ability to annotate images and produce a vehicle inspection pdf report, information is recorded with complete clarity, ensuring inspections are completed first time and so maximising staff capacity.


To view Totalmobile’s full product range including our mobile workforce management solution, Mobilise, our IoT product suite, Sense and Lone worker protection, please visit here.

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