Utilities Field Service Management

Tools to Unlock the Potential of Your Mobile Workforce.

The demands on the utilities sector have never been greater, whether it’s from customers or from increasing regulations.  Give your field staff everything they need to do the job right the first time and drive customer satisfaction.  In the search for technology to transform how you do business, let our solutions release the potential of your workforce and make your business more productive.

No signal? No problem.

As a utilities company, your field workforce could end up just about anywhere and that means connectivity is a serious consideration.  With our offline capabilities, nothing gets interrupted.  Workers can log in, capture information, complete forms and move to new tasks as easily as when they are online.  When connectivity is restored, the data syncs automatically with your systems. 

Keep Track of Your Teams

Pressure to provide better service while cutting costs has never been greater. Our solutions will give your workers back at least an hour every day, turning unproductive time into extra capacity. We enable your staff to complete 10% more jobs without the need to hire more resources, simply by eliminating the need for paper and travel to the office to record again.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Our performance dashboards and analytics capabilities will allow you to monitor how your service provision is matching up to your business goals.  Track and predict the impact of service trends on your customers and your business – helping you and your staff make more informed decisions and helping you feel confident in meeting the expectations of your customers.

10 Practical Steps to Mobile Workforce Management

The ultimate guide to consider before embarking on your Mobile Workforce Management journey.

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Key Features of our Solution

Within our field service solutions, the key features are designed to enable the Utility industry and your mobile workforce to do their work no matter where they are or what issues they face. Discover the features that will unlock their potential.

  • Forms

    Our smart forms can be easily configured to suit any work situation, whether for servicing a water meter or fitting a gas boiler. Our forms reduce data entry time by up to 60% and allow your staff to complete more tasks all in line with compliance.

  • Offline

    When your teams work in remote locations, connectivity can become a real issue and impede getting the job done. With our solutions, there’s no need to worry. Our offline functionality allows sign-in, data capture and validation, all the functions of the online service. Plus, the data is kept secure until connectivity is restored and then seamlessly syncs to the back-office system.

  • Native application

    No matter what device your teams use, we’ve got it covered. Our app is available on iOS, Android and Windows and is native to each platform. Every action you take has been carefully designed with the user in mind, making work even easier. No need to jump between apps to take pictures, access GPS or plan a route, we put it all at your fingertips.

    Native application
  • AI

    Managing a large mobile working division, with individual skills, takes up a lot of time trying to pair each worker to a skilled job manually, time that could be utilised elsewhere. With Optimise, you can relax in the knowledge that our advanced scheduling engine, Mendel, automatically allocates work to the most suitable resource using Mendel’s genetic algorithms. Just set the rules and we do the rest.

  • Analyse

    Your field teams generate large amounts of data and it’s all valuable. Our analytics solution captures this data and presents it to you in easy to read, interactive dashboards, allowing you to detect trends early and make more informed business decisions. Get ahead of the competition and stay there.


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Clancy Docwra’s company mission is to be the most trusted provider of central services in the UK. In order to achieve this mission, Clancy Docwra implemented our solutions across all contracts for their gangs and operatives. Learn how this transformed their business processes.

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