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Prove your remote workers' attendance and time spent on site

How do you prove your remote workforce attends work and evidence how long they spend there?

Prove your remote workers’ attendance and time spent on site

How do you know if your workforce has attended and completed the job they’re supposed to be doing? Are you confident your homecare workers are providing continuity of care? Do you know if your cleaning staff have attended their job for full duration?

With Totalmobile VeriPresent, your workforce can use their mobile phone to register start and finish times by simply scanning NFC tags at the beginning and end of every shift as well as report on any incidents which happen on the job. In addition, service providers and customers both have full visibility and access to a full audit of the remote workers time spent per job.



  • Scan in and out via NFC tags to prove attendance or a visit
  • Report incidents as and when they happen
  • Upload photos to support a report
  • Full audit of visit detail
  • Custom forms depending on building / property being visited, homecare custom reports

For further information on VeriPresent within Facilities Management, download our Veri in Facilities Management brochure, or for further information on VeriPresent in Homecare, visit our solutions page or read our blog The Benefits of Implementing NFC Technology in Homecare.

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