Rapidly Deployable Solutions

To help support the NHS, and other organisations, Totalmobile have developed a range of rapidly deployed solutions, that help tackle some of the many challenges that are currently being facing during this time.

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Remote Assistance

A solution that provides a shared live video stream between an organisation and their customer. This enables you to support your customers, without the need to travel to a tenant’s or customer’s property.

  • Protect your staff and customers from unnecessary face to face contact
  • Prevent unnecessary visits and prioritise essential work
  • Evidence the decision making process behind why a visit was created
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Employee Wellbeing

An app that enables employees to record their mental and physical wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Organisation’s can view the status of their workforce and provide guidance and support as required.

  • Enhance duty of care as an employer and better support your workforce during this time
  • Gain visibility on the status of your workforce and how this may impact upon services
  • Measure impact on specific teams, volume of staff in isolation and return to work dates
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Crisis Staff Assignment

A solution that combines scheduling and mobile technologies. Organisations can efficiently organise and assign shifts to staff, enabling them to better cope with service demand.

  • Streamlines processes to allow improved capacity planning and management of staff
  • Provides full visibility of available staff, their location and any updates around sickness
  • Helps organisations adapt rapidly to change in service demand or staff availability
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