Complete Operational Intelligence Solution

View field service delivery from every angle and gain an unprecedented understanding of operational performance as it unfolds. Make decisions based on facts and drive continual improvements across service delivery.

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Maximise operational efficiency

Proactively observe and optimise field service delivery as it happens, ensuring that every element of the plan is delivered on time and on budget.

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Deliver exceptional customer experiences

Ensure that the basics are done brilliantly and uncover new ways to move service to the next level through compliance and SLA attainment driving long-term loyalty.

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Drive continual operational improvements

Identify trends (good and bad) across operations and make changes that can have a big impact on employee performance, customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

Get alerted to deviations from the service plan to ensure the perfect day everyday

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Receive automated updates and optimisation suggestions when low lying trends are identified

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Access information on technician output to ensure optimum performance and development opportunities are harnessed

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Real time operational view

Unlike common business analytics tools, Insight does more than just provide a historical overview of service delivery. It also provides real time, automated analysis, allowing managers to react when unwanted situations arise. Managers have a live view across all dimensions of the service delivery plan and a visual indicator when any one of these elements is over or under performing.

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Historical performance analysis

Insight enables organisations to harness all the data captured at every stage of service delivery. Tasks completed, average time of visit, miles travelled per day, customer satisfaction etc. which can be reviewed to understand deviances in the plan.

Managers can access comprehensive employee analytics to evaluate the performance of regions, teams or individual employees over time. Use this data to benchmark performance, share best practice and identify training needs as well as who deserves reward and recognition.

Create bespoke dashboards by department, region or team to access the most relevant and meaningful information. This allows managers to quickly fix the issues for which they are accountable and proactively manage the impact on customers and technicians.

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Future operational uplift

Many field service companies have too much data, and not enough understanding. Data analytics is hard, and computers are better at it than humans. With Insight managers can exploit machine learning technology to conduct advanced analysis and uncover hidden improvement opportunities.

The application will identify the source and the size of the problem, from large company-wide issues, to challenges at a team or technician level. It helps work out the steps necessary to solve the problem, and models the costs and the impact of a positive outcome, to help make a case for action.

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See how Baxi used data and analytics to make great customer service even better

The key metric for customer experience, the NPS, improved from 68 to 72 – a 6% improvement over the period – and contract sales grew by an additional 5,000 sales per month over the course of the project

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