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Employee performance management

Access information on technician output to ensure optimum performance and development opportunities

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Delivering field service excellence is not just about getting the right blend of technology and processes, it’s the people that really make a difference. Your technicians are the face of your brand, the deliverers of the customer experience and even your best opportunity to cross and upsell. So it’s important that they enjoy their work, feel supported and have opportunities to progress. Insight from Totalmobile provides a unique employee management tool that helps you to measure, monitor and motivate your team of technicians, so they can provide exceptional field service.

Using the information captured by the technicians on their mobile devices, the application gives you a comprehensive set of maps, tables and dashboards, so you can visualise your employee analytics at a glance. Presented across a set of six powerful Key Performance Areas (KPAs) for a complete view of employee performance, it’s easy to review individual employees’ work over a specific time frame.

The Scorecard feature shows a score for each individual worker’s completed shift, aggregated from the six KPAs. It also shows an interactive map and shift timeline, which visualises the time and location of each activity. This communicates clearly what happened, where and when, and leaves little room for misinterpretation.

Whilst the League table feature ranks the workforce based on the performance score achieved. You can look at scores for the entire workforce, or isolate particular regions or teams. A heat-map makes it easy to identify the best workers across all dimensions of performance. Allowing you to benchmark performance, share best practice and identify training needs as well as candidates for reward and promotion.

Improved employee performance

The application enables you to take a continuous improvement approach to managing your greatest asset – your employees. You can analyse performance across time, by team, region or individual, and by the metrics that are important to you, to see what drives great performance, where the issues are, and what to do to improve.

Balance view of performance

By measuring individuals based on six Key Performance Areas (KPAs) – productivity, utilisation, efficiency, effectiveness, consistency and compliance – you get a rounded view of what it takes to deliver exceptional field service. Each individual is scored across all of these areas (0-100) and categorised by colour to indicate the result verses the organisations expectations.

Increased compliance

You can track how employees are behaving and identify issues such as incorrect logging of tasks, or failure to comply with health and safety requirements. This enables you to correct errors, or provide training where needed.

Objective, consistent view of performance

The application shows each task your employees undertake, linked to the time and location of the task, meaning there is no room for misinterpretation. It’s clear to you and your technician exactly what happened, where and when.


Compare performance down to the level of the individual worker to highlight problem areas, identify training needs, highlight best practice and reward top performers.

Electronic timesheet

Generates an electronic timesheet for each mobile worker based on data captured from their mobile device. Can also be accessed by other departments such as finance and HR, and linked to back-office systems.

With Insight, Totalmobile’s Complete Operational Intelligence Solution, organisation’s can get a rounded view of their technician’s performance, to use a carrot not stick approach to building employee engagement.


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