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Big data analysis and machine learning

Receive automated updates and optimisation suggestions when low lying trends are identified

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Many field service companies have too much data, and not enough insight. The art of data analysis is complex and overwhelming and many organisations aren’t able to competently spot or react to threats or opportunities in their current performance. Without fully understanding a situation and responding inadequately the operational ‘ecosystem’ can be thrown out of kilter. Restoring the balance often proves a costly and timely affair. Thankfully new technologies are proving capable of identifying underling patterns in field service performance that were simply too difficult for traditional applications and approaches to manage.

Insight from Totalmobile makes leveraging the value in vast amounts of field service data possible. The application analyses and evaluates information from multiple data sources, over long time periods and uncovers hidden insights into operation-wide performance. Specifically trends (good and bad) that lie below the surface and when identified equate to longer term, strategic improvements. Using a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning the application Interrogates data from past service delivery to spot trends that impact performance, empowering management to take a proactive approach to continuous service optimisation. Ensuring that the business is constantly evolving and service delivery is improving putting the organisation one step ahead of its competition.

Automated trend identification and optimisation

Identifies the source and the size of a service improvement opportunity, from large company-wide initiatives, to issues at an individual team, region or technician level. The application works out the steps necessary to solve the problem, and models the costs, and the impact of a positive outcome, to help you make your case for action.

Data visualisations

The application presents data in easy to understand, visually stimulating ways. The insights derived are displayed in order of benefit to the company, whether in terms of revenue, customer satisfaction or other improvement. The data that led to the initiatives suggested by the application can be viewed at a top level, or you can drill down into the detail, for full confidence in the initiatives suggested. The Initiative Manager will track improvement progress and report on the outcome.

Competitive advantage

By uncovering these findings and rolling out a delivery plan, organisations can make changes that have a big impact, keeping them one step ahead of the competition. Having a deep understanding of operational performance, ensures management can have confidence that business change initiatives are going to deliver the best returns.

Always have the right metrics

The application will adapt as your business continually changes and the service operation improves. As you resolve issues and improve your processes, your key metrics or thresholds are likely to change. You can easily alter the focus to reflect your new business priorities.

With Insight, Totalmobile’s Complete Operational Intelligence Solution, organisations can undercover challenges they didn’t know they had.


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