Ensuring quality service by providing visibility and control throughout the delivery process 

A single data rich solution that enables logistics organisations to develop a deep understanding of the status of services, while streamlining each stage of the process, from the hub to last mile delivery. 

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Offering a comprehensive range of capabilities to enhance complex logistic based services 

Working with some of the largest suppliers in the UK, Totalmobile are empowering logistics-based organisations to transform how they are delivering services. Through a single, capability rich solution, organisations can streamline the entire logistics and delivery process, driving enhancements in the sharing of information, sequencing of deliveries and the understanding of ongoing services. This is proven to result in not only a significant increase in operational efficiency, but also enables improvements in compliance with service standards, reduces carbon emissions and ultimately enhances the quality of service being delivered to customers.  

Through working with Totalmobile, logistic providers are: 

  • Enhancing the scale of operations, enabling more jobs to be completed each day
  • Streamlining the logistics process to shorten the lifecycle of each job
  • Reacting to potential operational risks to prevent delays in service
  • Responding to seasonal influences to easily amend operational processes as required
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Capabilities & Features

Lone Worker Protection

Alert and location-based technologies that enables organisations to ensure the safety of employees and rapidly react to risks in the field.

GPS Tracking

A fully customizable and secure feature that enables users to track the position of lone workers via their GPS location.

Software Alerts

Receive a range of different alerts that can then be connected with a response centre to escalate the situation as necessary.

Managed Service

A fully managed service that offers a low cost of ownership and presents all key lone worker safety data via real time reports.

Mobile Working

A mobile workforce management solution that empowers the mobile workforce to easily receive and record information relating to the job via their mobile device, while sharing job updates in real time. 

Workforce Data Capture

Record all relevant job information, including photos, health and safety form and client signatures, via a mobile device at the point of service delivery.

Workflow Management

Guide staff through a series of pre-approved workflow and status updates to ensure services are delivered in a compliant and consistent manner.

Visit Information

Received all relevant job details providing a clear overview of required work along with complimentary information where required.

Work Order Management

A job management software that provides organisations with full visibility of planned services and enables users to easily control complex tasks and streamline the delivery of work.

Self-Contained Solution

A fully integrated solution that provides a diverse range of job management capabilities, users can benefit from the benefits of the cloud via one system.

Asset Management 

Provides a seamless process between asset management and job management, storing all relevant assets details and creating related jobs as required.

Calculated Invoices

Ensures more accurate processes surround cost controls and the automated creation of timely and accurate invoices based on services delivered.


Ensuring the efficient allocation of resources, enabling organisations to achieve complex scheduling goals while taking time, location, availability and service levels into consideration.

Automated Scheduling

Take advantage of advanced scheduling algorithms that dynamically create the most effective delivery schedules based on an organisation’s scheduling goals. 

Scheduling Dashboards

Easily monitor the progress of the planned schedule and track the status of work, location of deliveries and planned route of each staff member.

Dynamic Dispatch

Assign work to staff one job at a time, based on skills location and work requirements, after they have completed their most recent visit.


A complete operational intelligence solution that provides users with an unprecedented overview of service delivery, as it unfolds, while highlighting areas requiring attention in order to ensure service quality is maintained. 

Real-Time Ops Analytics

Managers are provided with a live view of all aspects of ongoing service delivery with potential risks clearly identified.

Historical Operations Analysis

Assess a comprehensive range of reports that provide an overview of past operational and employee performance.  

Virtual Coach

Embraces historical data and machine learning to provide guidance on actions that will improve future service delivery.


Sector Specific Use Cases

Asset Inspection

Proof of Collection

Permission Based Logistic

Multi Product Functionality for your Sector

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All basic requirements to easily digitise your mobile workforce.



Enhance your solution & improve productivity with insightful performance analytics.



Lead the industry with a fully comprehensive solution, incorporating full digitisation & predictive analytics.



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All basic requirements to digitise your mobile workforce


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Enhance your solution & improve productivity with performance analytics


The FULL Works

Lead the industry with a fully comprehensive solution, incorporating full digitisation & predictive analytics

Mobile Worker

Workforce Data Capture
Visit / Workflow Management
Folio Access
Customisable Forms


Manual Advance Scheduling
Automated Advance Scheduling
Dynamic Dispatch

Order Management

Self Contained WOM
Calculated Invoices
Remote Assistance
Customisable Solutions

Lone Worker Protection

Software Alert
GPS Tracking
Worker Down Alert
Hardware SOS
Managed Service
Beacon Geofencing


Historic Ops Analytics
Real-time Ops Analytics
Executive Dashboard
Worker Perf. Analytics
Virtual Coach
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