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Fire Safety and Security Solution Features

Delivering a fully integrated field service management platform for Fire Safety & Security

Totalmobile provides the Fire Safety & Security sector with a complete field service management platform that will enable your organisation to deliver more productivity with the same number of engineers.

Providing a solution that automatically selects the right engineer, with the correct skills, stock and routes to achieve maximum efficiency.

Enabling engineers with the correct data on demand, empowering decision-making and allowing for real-time data capture to deliver full job completion for both planned and reactive works.

Ability to identify and reward top and improving performers, reduce overspend and compliance issues which impact the entire business.


Reduction In Staff Attrition


Increase In Tasks Carried Out Per Day


Improvement In Visit Response Time

Providing a complete field service management platform that manages both planned and in-day reactive change.

Join thousands of field engineers that are scheduled each day with Totalmobile’s Fire & Security solutions.

Bring automation to both planned and reactive works

Better Manage Planning of Work

From planners and schedulers spending unnecessary hours manually scheduling install and repair works and ensuring the right field service engineer is at the right place at the right time, to the field engineers spending too much time manually working out the most efficient way to do their jobs on site.

Totalmobile offers a dynamic scheduling solution designed to:

Seamlessly achieve complex scheduling goals.

Provide efficient allocation of resource.

Consider time, location, availability of skills & service levels.

Detect threats and react in real-time.

Provide a complete end to end view of service delivery.

Better Manage Demand

No two days are the same, and all best laid plans never foresee the stress and panic when in-day change occurs. This can be anything from unforeseen sickness or absence from your field engineers to demand driven by emergency or customer escalation.

Job Management

We enable organisations to better manage the demand placed on their services with a complete job management solution. This puts your planning management in control of all work that is required and when it is required by and exactly what is required to complete the job. 


Totalmobile's solution will be massively beneficial to our planning, back office and field teams and will support the engineers in their day-to-day roles. This will not only optimise the efficiency of engineer route it will help reduce travel and fuel consumption..."

Kate AllenService Delivery Director at MJ Quinn

Better Manage Delivery of Work

With our Mobile Working solution we help Fire Safety & Security field workforce better manage the delivery of work by empowering the individual with everything they need or require at the point of service delivery. This enables them to access information and record information while they are on-site completing jobs.

Lone Worker Protection

All of this is done in a way which keeps their health and wellbeing in mind by providing a lone worker protection capability, enabling them to call for assistance if they ever find themselves in trouble.


Understanding Employee Performance

Not hitting SLA’s as there is no visibility of employee performance or an inability to reward top performers can create frustration, inefficiencies and low- morale?


Totalmobile offers a field service intelligence solution that offers real-time intelligence and understanding of everything that is happening across the field service processWhen unexpected changes to work schedules happen throughout the day employee performance insight, examines how employees are performing, ensures that their work is in line with the plan, and pinpoints any instances of over or underperformance.


Anchored Through Our Platform Capabilities

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Dynamic Scheduling

With our dynamic workforce scheduling solution you can schedule 1,000’s of jobs automatically, enabling more focus on capacity planning and enabling higher service levels to be achieved in reactive in-day job management.

Dynamic Scheduling

Mobilising & Protecting Workforce

Protect your staff and give them the ability to send alerts when they have any safety concerns or are operating in a high-risk environment.

Mobilising & Protecting Workforce

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Shift Planning & Rostering

We help you to efficiently design shift patterns and rostering solutions that meet both employee work-life balance and ensure the right people with the right skills are available at the right time, working the right shifts.

Shift Planning & Rostering

Employee Performance Insight

When unexpected changes to work schedules happen throughout the day, our solution, employee performance insight, examines how employees are performing, ensures that their work is in line with the plan, and pinpoints any instances of over or underperformance.

Employee Performance Insight

Make a positive impact on your workforce productivity and management.

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