Level of Benefit

Your Summary

Totalmobile can drive increases in workforce capacity and cost savings, whilst also improving compliance and consistency in service delivery.

  • Travel
    Reduce Emissions by Metric Tonnes P.A
  • Job Volume
    Have your mobile workforce complete an extra jobs per day
  • Staff Capacity
    Increase in workforce capacity equivalent to an additional employees
  • Overheads
    Enable a reduction in the cost of each job

Workforce Capacity

By reducing administration, providing better insight and providing key information at the point service delivery, your mobile workers can make more efficient use of their time which drives substantial time savings.

  • Totalmobile could complete an extra hours of productive work per day
  • Your overall workforce capacity would increase by
  • You the capacity of an additional employees at no cost

Job Volume

Your Organisation could complete an additional

  • jobs per day
  • jobs per month
  • jobs per year
  • additional visits per year
  • additional time spent on each visit

Cost Savings

By achieve efficiencies through Totalmobile's Field Service Management Product Suite, substantial cost savings can be realised.

  • Your mobile staff costs are estimated at per year
  • With Totalmobile you could reduce staff costs to and undertake the same volume of work
  • You could take on additional work worth in staff costs
  • If you use agency staff you could save up to on your annual agency bill
  • Reduce your staff costs by per visit


Your staff can view their scheduled appointments on a map helping them plan their travel time more efficiently.

  • Your estimated Travel Costs are per year
  • You could potientally save per year
  • A saving of per employee
  • Save up to miles per year
  • Reducing your CO2 emissions by up to metric tonnes p.a