A Vision of the Future of Fire & Rescue Services

Mobile working in Fire

A Vision of the Future of Fire & Rescue Services

Our Fire and Rescue Services have long been a pillar of society; their role as protectors sees them provide core services to the public and face unique challenges. But as society changes, there are new, more complex emergencies developing, how they provide fire and rescue services cannot remain unchanged.

As technology continues to be a dominant part of society, employing it in our Fire and Rescue Services will help to communicate safety information and support officers as they work in the community, enabling them to be agile to risks. Embracing mobile technology must play a role in the future vision of our fire and rescue services.

In this eBook, we explore the current environment of our fire and rescue services and the challenges they face, before stepping into the future and assessing what steps should be taken to ensure they are able to continue to effectively serve the community. Download the eBook to read further.



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