The Ultimate Guide to Increasing the Capacity of Your Mobile Workforce

capacity ebookYour Guide to Achieving Greater Capacity in Your Mobile Workforce.

Capacity, a mobile worker’s ability to do work in a given day. For many organisations, this is a primary concern as demand on services continues to grow and budgets shrink. We explore the five key business areas where capacity is put under undue pressure:

  • Time spent on administration
  • Travel time whilst working
  • Office time
  • Getting the job right first time
  • Staff culture

By looking at these areas and making strategic changes, greater capacity can be achieved. What you do with that extra capacity looks different for every business, it could mean more time to spend with service users, it could mean the ability to take on additional jobs, or for some it could be as simple as spending less time in the car and more time doing the job you love.

Finally, you’ll read about the solutions that can help make this possible, mobile workforce management and dynamic scheduling.

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