Thinking people first not mobile first

ebook-people-firstA guide on why thinking ‘mobile-first’ is actually back-to-front

The term ‘mobile-first’ is everywhere. It’s usually mentioned in the context of application architecture and design. It means designing an online experience for mobile, before designing it for the desktop web. And it’s completely true.

However, we’re going to go one step further. You should be thinking ‘people-first’. And plan an app experience and user journey for your staff, before developing it for mobile.

This guide will outline the 5 reasons why this should be the new norm, in order to establish a successful Digital Workforce Management solution.

We discuss how the world is using mobile devices outside of work, and what you should and shouldn’t consider when developing a mobile working solution (don’t think about your legacy system, and do consider staff from the outset). We also touch upon what makes a good user experience, as well as the HTML5 vs Native app debate.

We hope this infopaper will provoke some thoughts in you, and inspire you to take a more human-centric approach to Digital Workforce Management.

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